September 2014: I've moved blog. My new blog is called SnailMailLove, please visit me there!


Even if we're not penpals, I'm always up for a swap. (Taking a hiatus until summer!)
My favorite ones are:
  • mail art,
  • own art: illustrations, stickers, etc.
  • "a day in my life" (inspired by project #29 by J. Yamaguchi): Get a regular-sized envelope. Stuff it with as many things as you can: a letter, photographs, ripped out magazine articles, photocopies of poems, a short story, or passages from a novel, leaves you picked up while walking, a receipt of the food you ate, an old photo, letters never sent, a newspaper clipping, recipes, art work, poems or stories you’ve written, something that tells me about where you are from… Anything that can be folded up and put in the envelope. Make sure to stuff it so full that you need to use tape to keep it sealed. This envelope should have serious heft. Once it’s sealed, get the proper postage put on it (definitely use stamps) and mail it off.
These are just a few, I'm open to any idea, so if you're interested in swapping with me, just send me an email!

Submitting a penpal ad:

I don't post on this blog anymore (my new one is here), so if you're looking for penpals you may want to take a look at my website The Postal Society, which is completely dedicated to it!


  1. As soon as you're looking for new penpals let me know :)
    Liefs, The mind of an exchange

  2. Ciao Fab :D sono sempre io!
    Se hai piacere di fare Swap io sono disponibile.
    Ho letto che sei italiana, o sbaglio?

  3. Hmm ho risposto alla tua e-mail ieri..spero sia arrivata a volte ho problemi con yahoo-mail -_-'
    Buon pomeriggio :)

  4. Hello!! My name is Elena and I am 24 from Spain. I am looking for penpals all over the world, I would like to hear from people of different countries and cultures and make close friends by writing nice letters!! As soon as you are looking for new penpals or someone else wants to be penpals, let me know!! :)