Thursday, 19 December 2013

the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014

Hello guys! Everything is ready for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014! Keep reading if you'd like to be a part of it!

 The rules are very simple:
1. You'll be assigned to one secret partner that you must keep secret, until a precise date when we'll all be revealing what we sent and received and who our partner was.
2. You'll have to find/create five object wrote down on a list (that will be available once the partners are assigned), and buy one surprise for your partner.
3. After max. 15 days from the revealing of the list, you'll have to send out your parcel and email me a picture of it for proof.
4. Once you receive your parcel from your "secret penpal" you'll have to make a blog post and share it on the set date.*
Some additional things you may want to know:
  • This project is completely free to join, the only condition is that you have to be an active blogger either on Blogspot, Wordpress or Tumblr, or even very active on Instagram. (read more about it below)
  • However, you can support it by donating, or sign up to be an 'angel'. (read more about it below)
  • All the objects in the list won't be expensive, on the contrary they'll be object that need to be literally "found" - in your stash, in the street and so on.. - or that you can create yourself.
  • Therefore, used things are an acceptable bargaining chip. However you must make sure that they're clean, in good condition, and not damaged.
  • Your address won't be shared to anyone except your "secret penpal" which will be asked to keep it secret.
  • Partners will be assigned randomly. So please be prepared to ship internationally.
  • However, on the sign up form you can express a preference whether if you'd prefer to ship outside your Continent or not, but it will be possible only depending on the participants.
  • This is a one time only penpal exchange, which means that after the swap you don't necessarily need to become penpal with your partner unless you both want to.
So, if this tickles your fancy, sign up by filling this form.  
CLOSED!! Thanks everyone for joining!
Read the FAQ's below before filling the form. It will help you not to encounter problems with it.

  • Sign ups close on the 23rd.
  • You'll receive your match on January 3rd.
  • Your package needs to be sent out by January 18th.
  • You'll receive a weekly email to remind you of all the deadlines.
Donations & Angels:

As I mentioned above, this year I'm introducing donations. Why, you may ask: well, that's because last year an handful of people ended up not receiving their package. As much as I'd love to be able to send them all something, I unfortunately don't have the means to do it on my own, so any amount I'll receive via donations will go towards a fund to be used in case of emergency.
However, donations aren't just that. To reward you for your generosity, you'll be entitled to the following:
  • You'll receive your match on December 26th, so you'll have an additional week to hunt.
  • You'll receive a postcard from me, as a thank you for being extra awesome.
Or, you can sign up to be an 'angel', that is showing your availability to send a package to whoever may end up empty handed.
Both those possibilities are obviously optional and completely up to you. 


In order to participate, as mentioned above, you're required to be an active blogger either on Blogspot, Wordpress or Tumblr, or even very active on Instagram. Last year I was quite permissive, but this time all the entries will undergo a more detailed check to prevent any flakers. I grant myself the right not to accept everyone unconditionally, so if I don't consider you eligible, I'm sorry but I'll have to keep you out of this round.
(to be updated as we go) 
  1. This swap will be a Round Robin (i.e. = A sends to B, B sends to C, C sends to A and so on); 
  2. The list of things to find, will be the same for everyone. It will be composed by 10 object BUT you'll have to find only 5 of them + a gift that you will have to buy based on your partner's preferences. The spending minimum for the gift is ~3€/$4/£2.50;
  3. If your phone number is too long for it's section, just write "000 000 000" and add your phone number to the "about me" section; 
  4. If the form doesn't accept your instagram, please write it in full:*username*
  5. The "about me" section has a limit of 200 characters, so please double check that your text won't end up being cut by the system. 
I really hope you'll like the idea! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and I'll get back at you as soon as I can!

Have a nice day!

* you can also include it in the "incoming mail" kind of post, but please specify that it was part of this swap. Or if you don't have a blog, you can share it on Instagram or Tumblr.


Monday, 16 December 2013

PROJECT: Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014

Hello everyone! Long time no see, but I come with jolly news.
Do you remember the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt I hosted back in February? Well, a new edition is coming and I hope to see ya'll joining it!
If you're new or you just need a little reminder:
for the scavenger hunt you were assigned a partner that needed to be kept secret until the reveal day.
You had a list of 10 objects of which you had to find/craft at least 5.
Last year's list was the following:
the City Explorer's Kit: take a day off and collect little things of your city for your partner. Can include, but not limited to: maps, flowers & leaves, postcards, tiny souvenirs, photos, interesting newspaper's clippings & pamphlets, etc  - just don't grab a bunch of random junk within arm's reach, put some effort in it;
 Something that represent you: for example - are you an artist? Send your partner a little painting. Do you love to knit? Send your partner a hat.. and so on;
 A mix CD with your favorite tunes. (Pro Tip: create a cover for it);
 the Postal Freak's Kit: Can include, but not limited to: postal goodies such as address labels, used stamps, envelopes, stationery etc.
 the Bad Day Survival Kit: assemble a kit of nice things that may help your partner to feel better when they're having a bad day. (Ideas: your favorite candy, a poem/story, bubble bath, a list of  happy songs/movies etc);
 Something you can wear;
 Something not square or rectangular;
 Something shiny;
 Something with animal(s) on it;
 Something seasonal;

+ extra from the list, a gift(s) for your partner that you'll have to buy based on their preferences. The minimum spending/value is about 3€/4$/2.50£
The first edition was joined by 78 awesome people from 21 different countries (!),  do you think we can top that this year?
Anyway, meanwhile the fine print is being written (make sure to check future posts for updates), I would like to hear your suggestions about what you'd like to see in the scavenge list for this year, so please if you have any idea, leave a comment below, it would  be very much appreciated!

Much love,

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Time Traveller's Journal

There's a lovely lady that lives in the UK, that goes by the name of Shelley (you may remember her from this post) whom I'm very lucky to be in touch with through snail mail.
A couple of days ago, I found a fat package waiting for me in my mailbox, and it turned out to be from the above mentioned darling.
Here's an overview of its content:
What I want to share with you today, is the amazing handmade journal she sent me, or what she called "a time traveller's journal":

Friday, 1 November 2013

Freebie Friday: Minizine

During all those years of penpalling, I've learned that if there's something I'm very terrible at, it is first letters. When you have to write to someone you don't really know much about, especially if you have to introduce yourself and you wouldn't enjoy ending up with a self-centered wall of text, there is a fun way to to do it with a twist!

Instead of a regular letter, you could unleash your creativity and craft a minizine (or a regular zine for that matter) all about you and your interests.

Here's some examples of what I've done in the past~ you can use a regular sheet of paper and decorate it with your favorite technique,
 or you can use scrap paper, book pages, and whatnot, and just fill it afterwords with bits and bobs about you!
One more thing is, if you're not feeling inspired or you just need somewhere to start, you can download this minizine template I made, here. It has ready-to-fill pages with simple prompts (such as fav books, facts about you etc). Also, if it's your first time folding one, help yourself:

Have a great day,

Monday, 21 October 2013

I'm not dead~

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if you noticed but I disappeared from the internet for a while. I could go into details and bore the hell of out you, so I won't; just know that I needed some time away to clear my mind a little bit.

Thank you to those of you who stayed in touch despite my eremitism, and those whom stuck to my blog even tho the lack of updates. I'm not able to say yet if I'll be as active as I used to, but I will try. I love sharing my mail, projects and everything else with you guys, but lately I have been feeling quite negative towards this all.

Anyway, to start making amends for being MIA, there will be a free printable letters set posted every Friday for the month of November, and I really hope you guys will enjoy the Freebie Friday throwback as much as I did!

That said, look forward to more frequent posts again from now on. I really missed you all!

Have a great day,

Friday, 20 September 2013

Details: mail from Madhura

A few days ago, I received something from the lovely Madhura. She sent me a package full of Indian treasures..

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Details: letter from Michelle

I received a very lovely letter today, from Michelle. Here's some details of it:

♥ ƒ.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Outgoing: tiny watercolours

I've stated many times how obsessed I am with handmade booklets, didn't I? Lately, all my outgoing mail consisted in tiny booklets filled with facts, ephemera, or tiny artworks.
Last week I've sent one over to America - not telling to whom yet in case they're reading - that I embellished with little watercolour paintings inspired by an old botanical book I have at home.
Considering I hadn't pick a brush for quite a while, I'm very happy with the result, also because I'm finally feeling like my artist's block is coming to an end - hopefully!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are you looking for a penpal?

Recently I've received a lot of penpal ads, and it's finally time to share them with you and hopefully someone will find a new friend ☺! 
Hi ^_^ My names is Loredana (Lolly for friends), 34 years old, I live in Italy with my husband and my one year old cat Amy.
I am an artist and I love correspondence. I love paper, art, fashion and animals. I'm vegetarian and I love cruelty free fashion.
I am looking for new pen pals to whom write in English because I want to learn it.
Let me know, send me an email: 
ps: my facebook profile 

Hi, I'm Aimée. I'm 25 years old and I am a Year 2 primary school teacher in England. I have lots of hobbies; I love reading book, making and baking, and going for rides in my vintage land rover. I love nature and love my two naughty cats, Saxon and Pixie. I would love a pen pal to exchange snail mail letters with, as I miss opening post that are meaningful and personal.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Please email if you are interested in writing to me.
Blogspot -

I've been looking for a crafty/friendly/foreign pen-pal! I recently graduated from art school with a Painting & Printmaking degree and have been lacking the creative juices. I have always enjoyed getting letters my whole life. The thought of not only getting letters but also little works of art sounds awesome! I hope to get some reply's! -Virginia (
Hi, my name is Katie, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Massachusetts. I'm looking for a pen pal who would also love to swap treasures, handmade or found. Some of my interests are reading, musicals (especially Les Mis), music, painting, cats, and horror movies. Anyone who shares some of these or just wants to make a new friend, please send me a message. Contact me through my tumblr,

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Catching Up!

The time to catch up with my letters has finally arrived! I don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched, but my creative/writer's block seems to be gone and I also have more energy I can't wait to put into letters and crafts ☺
I already started replying some letters, that I will mail in bulk later this week.
Here's some pictures of what I received lately~
(for some reasons the pictures ended up looking really weird after I uploaded them)

This is a letter from Mehreen in Pakistan. We've exchanged letters before but experienced some postal issues and now we're trying it again. She showed me around her hometown including some pictures she took, and I really loved the experience!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Lavender Mail

A few days ago, I received a package from Love in California.
She's a freelance artist like me, and she made me a very nice booklet to display some of her favourite things and crafts!
The first thing that I noticed after I opened the package, was a sweet yet strong smell of lavender, which I love!

Monday, 26 August 2013

sweet mexican mail

Mail is so slow sometimes, isn't it? And even more if it's from Mexico, (or at least here in Italy..) which is a shame since one of my dearest penpal is from there and our mail always take ages to reach each other. Anyway, yesterday I finally received a package from Ely which has a beautiful handmade booklet in it!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Steam Powered Mail

Hello everyone! On monday I received a beautiful package from a lovely girl called Shelley, all the way from the UK.
I've met her through instagram, and even tho I could tell she had a very creative soul, I wasn't prepared for the awesome craft works she sent me.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

'Happy Mail Address Book' review

few days ago, I received a lovely parcel in the mail from Jasmine (aka OliveWasabi online).
She was kind enough to send a copy of the address book she made, for me to review;
So here we go!
Brief disclaimer: yes, I've been sent this item for review purposes but my opinion will be 100% honest.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Moths in my Mailbox!

Hey guys, hope you're well! I'm back from my short *vacation* and I'm already flooded with things to do.. but luckily I've got mail to make me happy even when all those obligations makes me sad!

I'm still so stocked about the parcel I got yesterday, from a lovely girl - Ari, that you may remember for this parcel.
She's a very talented artist and the parcel she sent me, really blew me away:
Starting off with her letter, everything was perfect~ I love it when I click so well with a penpal. We haven't been knowing each other for long, au contraire, but the connection I feel with this girl (which is apparently mutual ☺) makes it feel like it!

In my first letter to her I digressed a bit on a drawing in her zine, representing moth-faced people, and I was SO psyched when I opened the package to find a bigger version of it! I love(d) it so much I run out into town to buy a frame for it, about instantly.
Everything else in the parcel was very quirky, no wonders I enjoyed everything so much! She sent me a little booklet, an illustrated "for you" sticker, vintage thread, a goat pin, an eyeball (fun fact: when I opened the parcel my boyfriend was with me and when the eyeball fell from the packet it was into, we both couldn't help but think how "Breaking Bad" it was - hopefully someone will catch the reference too!), and another moth related gift, a pretty handmade keychain/pendant:
Ah, I'm so inspired by this parcel.. so thanks a bunch Ari! I'll be working on something special for you in the newt few days!

What's the quirkiest thing you've ever got in your mailbox?
Have a nice day,

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Souvenirs Ideas

Hey guys! Today I have a very simple post for you. I was thinking about what makes a nice souvenir from the holidays besides the most common ones (keychains, magnets etc), and I thought I'd share it with you!

  • If you're going to spend some time to the seaside, why not collecting shells? When I used to go the sea I remember that more than half of my time there, was dedicated to treasure hunting on the shore and the seabed! Also, I've received shells before, and I personally really like them, especially if they're unexpected!
  • Still in theme with the sea, it's nice to fill little vials with sand, put a nice label on it, and send it away to your friend. This way they can have a glimpse of a faraway place in a rather interesting way :)

  • If you're like me and you prefer the mountain, you can collect flowers and leaves, press them, and then use them to decorate stationery, envelopes, or just simply add them to a letter to make it more interesting.
  • More little treasures from the woods include: rocks (that you can decorate and customize for your friend), twigs (that can also be decorated; fun example here), and what not!
  • Lastly, wherever you go, flyers, maps, local business cards etc, always make a nice addition to a letter, so don't forget to grab them whenever you have the chance :D (I personally hoard them, ahah!)

That's it for me today; do you have any other suggestion on the topic? I'd love to hear about your ideas! :)
Have a nice day,

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Holiday Essentials for the Uninspired

Good evening everyone! It's not new to me to be very uninspired and negative towards my artistic attempts sometimes, so I often surround myself with inspiration to keep it flowing.
I'll be going for a week to the same village on the mountains where I've been last year, and I like to think of the time I'll spend there, as art therapy of some sort.
To help myself in finding inspiration again, I'm bringing some stuff with me:
1. "The Pocket Scavenger" by Keri Smith, described as: Within the pages of The Pocket Scavenger, you’ll be instructed to go on an unusual scavenger hunt, collecting a spectrum of random items: something that is miniature, a stain that is green, something from the year you were born, a used envelope, and more. Once your quarry is in hand, you’ll apply an alteration dictated solely by chance: create a funny character, make it into a building, conceal it, add polkadots, remove a section, add stripes, scribble on top, fold, turn into an article of clothing, make it “pretty,” and so on. The results: you’ll be forced out of habitual ways of thinking or acting, discover new connections, and try things you might not have done on your own, creating a version of The Pocket Scavenger that is unique, dependent on time, place, experience, and you.
I'm so looking forward to flip through the pages and collect, and create little treasures!
2. My Traveler's Notebook: I like writing, mostly random short sentences that pops in my mind randomly, and then connect them afterwards to create a bigger picture; and that's my notebook of choice!
3. Address book: You'll never know when you'll feel like sending a letter or a postcard, right?!
4. A marker: mostly to symbolize my intention to scribble everywhere, whenever.
5. Sunglass: again, to symbolize relax and you know, just being able to free your mind for whatever clouds it back home.

What are you taking on holiday with you, instead?
Have a great day,

Sunday, 28 July 2013

smash sunday

Hello everyone! I've got a quick smashbook update for you today.
A while back, as you may already know, I decided to get two more tattoos and decided to make a couple of pages about them in my mini smash.
It's nothing major, really, but I just wanted to have a reminder of that day (even tho I can look at my arm for the rest of my life to remind me of it, can't I?!).

So, anyway, what I did is just sticking a few keepsakes: the reference image I gave to the tattoo artist, his business cards (the b/w one) and the card of the tattoo shop. I also took an instant picture of my *very* swollen arm right after I got home. It isn't the best picture, I reckon, but still!
The other tattoo I got is pretty simple so it wasn't worth it picture-wise; it's a crescent moon outline on the outer side of my right wrist, plain and simple :)

Do you guys have any tattoos?! I'd love to know!
Have a great Sunday,

Friday, 12 July 2013

the Love Parcel in my Mailbox

A while back, I sent a package (here; here) to Miranda, for her "Love Parcel" project. She's such a creative girl, and I can't really begin to explain her art to you because it's so unique and wonderful that the best description of it comes from pictures. Anyway, today I received her reply in a gorgeous parcel that I can't wait to show you!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mexican Skulls in my Mailbox

Hello everyone! I hope July's off to a great start for you all and that you're enjoying the holidays ☺
Today, I want to show you an awesome package I received from a very artistic friend over in Mexico: Musberina! We both love skulls, so we decided to go for a skull-themed swap and she sent me some amazing stuff and artworks..

Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy Mail & News Flash

Hello guys!! Long time no see uh? How are you all doing?
I haven't been quite myself lately, I got struck by a massive creative block and I couldn't keep up with my mail because of it. This, and exams (still 1 left, UGH!)  really got into my way and I'm truly sorry for not being able to organise my time in a most profitable way.
But I'm back now, for good, I promise!
So before I show you the awesome mail I got lately, I want to make sure you all know that starting July 1st, Google Friends Connect (GFC) won't be a thing anymore, so please please please, if you still wish to follow my blog, you can now do it via Bloglovin, or starting July 1st you won't be receiving any more notifications about my posts. So.. you've been warned!

Now, I in the past few weeks I haven't received much mail, but the few letters I got were really lovely!
I swapped one of my zines (yes, I made my first zine! More about it in a post to come soon!) with a lovely Spanish girl, Greta, and she sent me a zine with some of her experimental postcards, look how cool!
 Then I got a cute and vintage looking letter from Manon in the Netherlands,
 And also from the Netherlands, a little parcel from Marjolijn who recently went to Paris too, and also sent me some delicious Dutch liquorice that are not pictured because.. as I said, they were delicious :D
And that's it from for today, but don't fret! I have loads of posts in store for the upcoming months, so make sure to stick around :)
Also if you're still waiting for a letter from me.. I promise, they'll all go out by the end of the first week of July!

Have a lovely day,

Sunday, 9 June 2013

smash sunday

It's Sunday here on WreckThisGirl, you know what that means!? WreckThisGirl is gonna teach you how to so something~ *ding* (Ignore me, I watch too much YouTube). So, being serious, it's been a while since I last posted a proper Smash Sunday, isn't it? So even if a couple of months later, I decided to show you my first two pages spread dedicated to my trip to Paris.
before / after

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

3 things

..or maybe 4!
Hello guys, hope you're week is off to a great start ☺
Since I proved to be so bad at keeping this blog updated as it should, I decided to make some changes; the first one being changing the "3 things Tuesday" to the "4 monthly things", which is going to be a sort of whishlist for what I plan to do over the current month.
This way I'll be sure to actually show you something, and also have fun with a bit of graphic ☺

Here's the one for June!
  1.  I'll be booking my second and third tattoo, and I'm so excited about it! I'm all over again in that ink craving phase, and I can wait to get more of it on me. (Not that I'm actually getting the tattoo I drew up there tho, Ed.)
  2. Sushi date with le boyfriend! We're both on a get-healthier "diet" so we haven't been to pubs or anything lately, but we're gonna break the rules and have some sushi.. it can't hurt right?!
  3. Go to the movies to watch the Great Gatsby; I'm a fan of classics and I'm curious to see Leonardo Di Caprio in it, as he's one of my fave actors.
  4. Last one, but probably the most important: I will reply to all the letters I accumulated last months and I'll force myself out of this writer's block I've experienced lately.
What are 4 things you wish to do this month?
Have a great day!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Workspace

Hello everyone! This month's been so hectic for me that I - once again - barely posted anything here on the blog. I apologise to all of you that follows me primarily for my freebies.. they'll return shortly, I promise! Also I owe an apology to some of my penpals (Elisse, especially!) for not being able to write anything for a while.. I'm really sorry for leaving you waiting, I'll explain more in my letter, which I count to write and send this week.

That said, I've been spending quite a few time at the computer (that's a first!) and made an illustration I'd like to share with you.
 This is what the crafty corner in my room looks like now, after I redecorated and painted the furniture.
Why not just take a photo? - you may ask. Well, because my room is never that tidy, and moreover, I like drawing so..! I would like to point out that every single bit of this image is hand drawn, I haven't used references, stock or whatever, and I'm quite proud of it :3 {except for the Klimt's painting - for obvious reasons}
Here's some of my favourite bits:

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mailbox Madness pt. II

Hello everyone! It's about time for me to write a post on my incoming mail, isn't it?
I've been receiving some lovely pieces of mail lately, so here we go!

I received a zine I ordered on Etsy from the lovely Ari, owner of the shop The Big Little Lunch, who really did an amazing job packing it up:
The content was of course amazing too. I loved her zine (suggested to those who love  peculiar, creppy and surreal illustrations), and I was really impressed by the extras she included for me:
In the little bottle there was some cute random object: an heart pushpin, a teeth, a miniature fork and a button!
Then I got mail from Bernadine, who did a swap with me not so long ago; she sent me some adorable

Monday, 20 May 2013

Guest Post: Uncustomary

Hello guys! There's a girl I've met when I first started blogging here that always inspires me with her incredible creativity, and today I have the honour to have her guest posting for me! Please, meet Mary..

Hello readers of Wreck This Girl's Mailbox! I'm excited to be able to post here today. My name is Mary (of uncustomary) and I live near Baltimore in the US. I'm a self proclaimed street artist and mail enthusiast. Today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on random acts of kindness, especially in the mail.

First, I should say that I own an excessive amount of stationery, postcards, and general paper. There was a time where I was constantly accumulating them and there was no way that I would have been able to use it all, even if I was sending ten things a day. Now, I've slowed down a lot on the intake, and I'm focusing on sending what I have out into the world. I have forty, or so, penpals that I correspond with regularly, but sometimes I feel like I need to spread the love outside of the snail mail circle I've created.

A great way for me to do that is to use sendsomething. If you've never used this site before, it's very basic. All you do is create a profile and include your address, so people can randomly send you mail. There's an option for clicking "random address", which works fine, but you can also search by keyword. This is really cool because I have a lot of specific postcards! So I can search for "feminism" and find someone who clearly likes mail and feminism, and I can send a postcard to them of a famous female figure. The same goes for cereal, actors, and umbrellas.

So what I do, is take a pile of postcards and search for applicable interests. Then, I address, stamp, and decorate them. Later on, I will write messages. Sometimes I write a quote in the message area, sometimes I make a list. Sometimes I write about my day or myself in general, and sometimes I just write a bunch of questions. It all depends on my mood. I think people put a lot of stress on what they should write on a postcard, but it can be very light and fun!

Getting mail from a stranger is an exciting thing for me, so I like to put that out into the world as much as I can. I also do this with things other than mail, which you can see here. I encourage everyone to send mail to people they don't know, and share parts of themselves on paper. It's liberating and a good way to solidify your interests and opinions.

PS - If you write me, I will always write you back.

Thank you Mary for sharing some of your mail enthusiasm with us!
How do you guys feel about sendin/receiving mail from strangers?

Have a nice day,

Sunday, 19 May 2013

smash sunday: DIY idea

Here's a super easy DIY idea for you guys ☺

Hope you like it!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Traveler's Notebook Star Ferry Edition

On Thursday, I finally received my order from Rësor. If you follow me on Instagram you may remember that before my birthday I pre-ordered a Traveler Notebook, specifically the Star Ferry Anniversary edition. It was my birthday present to myself, and coincidentally, it was released the same day of my birthday itself! The release of the notebook, however, was delayed for the US market for a month, (hence the delay in receiving my order) and I patiently waited until today, when I came home to find this:
Isn't this a great start already?! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this one is flawless.
Along with it, which contained the notebook it self, I received a postcard, with belated (but much appreciated!) birthday wishes from the lovely Diana,

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Are you looking for a penpal from France?

Hi guys, today I have a penpal ad for you! Meet the lovely Viktoria from France:

"My name is Viktoria, I'm 24 years old and I'm illustrator and photographer, who for now is living not far from Paris.
I have a lot of passions, for now it's knitting and embroidery, but two things is never changes - my love for tea and reading books. I'm looking for a pen friend who loves these two things as well (because little common things is already a big start for find a good friend), and who will be happy to receive time after time little watercolors.
Some links about things what I'm doing: Flickr & Blog (when i was writing my blog, I was in love with Russian language and so i was writing in Russian there).

To get in touch with Viktoria you can write her an email to:

Well, good luck Viktoria! :)
And I hope you're all having a lovely week!

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Postal Society

Hello guys, today is May 3rd, and you know what that means? I can finally share the secret I've been keeping for months with you all.
As you might have guessed from the image above, there's a new community in town! And it's all postal! ☺
I always wanted a facebook-like place dedicated to snail mailers only, so I gathered a couple of trusted friends (the ever so awesome Natalie and Andie) and we worked and worked until today to create a place for us all to be postal together!
But enough sentimentalism here, let me go straight to the facts and explain what is P.S.?
Please check this post on our official blog, I couldn't use better words than that to explain it to you guys. Just let me tell you that if you love letter writing, swaps, challenges, and meeting new friends, that's the place for you and I can't wait to meet you there!

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm too excited to write anything else, so please please please, take a second to pop over the website and see if you like it, it would make me so incredibly happy if you could!

I'll see you there I guess?

Have a nice day,
♥ ƒ.