Sunday, 4 August 2013

Souvenirs Ideas

Hey guys! Today I have a very simple post for you. I was thinking about what makes a nice souvenir from the holidays besides the most common ones (keychains, magnets etc), and I thought I'd share it with you!

  • If you're going to spend some time to the seaside, why not collecting shells? When I used to go the sea I remember that more than half of my time there, was dedicated to treasure hunting on the shore and the seabed! Also, I've received shells before, and I personally really like them, especially if they're unexpected!
  • Still in theme with the sea, it's nice to fill little vials with sand, put a nice label on it, and send it away to your friend. This way they can have a glimpse of a faraway place in a rather interesting way :)

  • If you're like me and you prefer the mountain, you can collect flowers and leaves, press them, and then use them to decorate stationery, envelopes, or just simply add them to a letter to make it more interesting.
  • More little treasures from the woods include: rocks (that you can decorate and customize for your friend), twigs (that can also be decorated; fun example here), and what not!
  • Lastly, wherever you go, flyers, maps, local business cards etc, always make a nice addition to a letter, so don't forget to grab them whenever you have the chance :D (I personally hoard them, ahah!)

That's it for me today; do you have any other suggestion on the topic? I'd love to hear about your ideas! :)
Have a nice day,


  1. I always get postcards wherever I go, 'cause I collect them!

  2. great ideas, I'll use them! ^.^

  3. I'm completely in love with natural souvenirs!

  4. I collect shells too haha, I once made a homemade bookmark with cherry blossom ^_^ Great ideas indeed! <3

  5. Well, when I go to a city I like to collect everything!! From the labels or envelopes from the food or snacks I liked to cute handouts or cute handouts. And then I stick all in a cute notebook explaining everything and drawing how it was before I ate it!