Thursday, 29 May 2014

details: mail from Katzi

Yesterday, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Katzi. I knew she was going to send me something, but I didn't really know what to expect and this little box of wonders blew me away!

First off, the lettering on it was amazing! I really wish I didn't have to edit out the rest of my information from the label but you can take my word for it ;3
This is what was inside (or part of it, actually), and I loved everything!
Something I was particularly excited to see, was the Creepy Hearts Club little fellas & zine, which is super dorky and fun!
Another thing I was very happy about, are those gorgeous analog photographs she too! I really love when my penpals decide to share with me some of their shots. Besides being able to see faraway landmarks and cities, I feel like there's something special about being able to see even the smallest detail through the eyes of someone else, don't you agree?
Thank you so much Katzi, you're one amazing lady, and this parcel really made my day! ♥

A question for you before I go, what is one thing you love getting in the mail?
Have a lovely day,