Friday, 30 August 2013

Lavender Mail

A few days ago, I received a package from Love in California.
She's a freelance artist like me, and she made me a very nice booklet to display some of her favourite things and crafts!
The first thing that I noticed after I opened the package, was a sweet yet strong smell of lavender, which I love!

Monday, 26 August 2013

sweet mexican mail

Mail is so slow sometimes, isn't it? And even more if it's from Mexico, (or at least here in Italy..) which is a shame since one of my dearest penpal is from there and our mail always take ages to reach each other. Anyway, yesterday I finally received a package from Ely which has a beautiful handmade booklet in it!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Steam Powered Mail

Hello everyone! On monday I received a beautiful package from a lovely girl called Shelley, all the way from the UK.
I've met her through instagram, and even tho I could tell she had a very creative soul, I wasn't prepared for the awesome craft works she sent me.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

'Happy Mail Address Book' review

few days ago, I received a lovely parcel in the mail from Jasmine (aka OliveWasabi online).
She was kind enough to send a copy of the address book she made, for me to review;
So here we go!
Brief disclaimer: yes, I've been sent this item for review purposes but my opinion will be 100% honest.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Moths in my Mailbox!

Hey guys, hope you're well! I'm back from my short *vacation* and I'm already flooded with things to do.. but luckily I've got mail to make me happy even when all those obligations makes me sad!

I'm still so stocked about the parcel I got yesterday, from a lovely girl - Ari, that you may remember for this parcel.
She's a very talented artist and the parcel she sent me, really blew me away:
Starting off with her letter, everything was perfect~ I love it when I click so well with a penpal. We haven't been knowing each other for long, au contraire, but the connection I feel with this girl (which is apparently mutual ☺) makes it feel like it!

In my first letter to her I digressed a bit on a drawing in her zine, representing moth-faced people, and I was SO psyched when I opened the package to find a bigger version of it! I love(d) it so much I run out into town to buy a frame for it, about instantly.
Everything else in the parcel was very quirky, no wonders I enjoyed everything so much! She sent me a little booklet, an illustrated "for you" sticker, vintage thread, a goat pin, an eyeball (fun fact: when I opened the parcel my boyfriend was with me and when the eyeball fell from the packet it was into, we both couldn't help but think how "Breaking Bad" it was - hopefully someone will catch the reference too!), and another moth related gift, a pretty handmade keychain/pendant:
Ah, I'm so inspired by this parcel.. so thanks a bunch Ari! I'll be working on something special for you in the newt few days!

What's the quirkiest thing you've ever got in your mailbox?
Have a nice day,

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Souvenirs Ideas

Hey guys! Today I have a very simple post for you. I was thinking about what makes a nice souvenir from the holidays besides the most common ones (keychains, magnets etc), and I thought I'd share it with you!

  • If you're going to spend some time to the seaside, why not collecting shells? When I used to go the sea I remember that more than half of my time there, was dedicated to treasure hunting on the shore and the seabed! Also, I've received shells before, and I personally really like them, especially if they're unexpected!
  • Still in theme with the sea, it's nice to fill little vials with sand, put a nice label on it, and send it away to your friend. This way they can have a glimpse of a faraway place in a rather interesting way :)

  • If you're like me and you prefer the mountain, you can collect flowers and leaves, press them, and then use them to decorate stationery, envelopes, or just simply add them to a letter to make it more interesting.
  • More little treasures from the woods include: rocks (that you can decorate and customize for your friend), twigs (that can also be decorated; fun example here), and what not!
  • Lastly, wherever you go, flyers, maps, local business cards etc, always make a nice addition to a letter, so don't forget to grab them whenever you have the chance :D (I personally hoard them, ahah!)

That's it for me today; do you have any other suggestion on the topic? I'd love to hear about your ideas! :)
Have a nice day,