When I started this blog I would have never expected so much feedback and appreciation for my freebies. I'm incredibly happy that mail enthusiasts from all over the world download and print my letter sets and use them to send mail to their loved ones.

However making 4 freebies every month is time consuming and requires a considerable effort; so, to keep them coming AND free, I'm asking your help!
I'm looking for people willing to sponsor me, aka paying a little money to put a blog/etsy shop advert on my sidebar. It will help me, but also you, granting some new audience to your blog :)

I'm offering two kind of advert spaces:

* for every big advert, you'll also receive a unique code to redeem a 10% discount in my Etsy shop.
Also if you don't have your own banner, I could do it for you - free of charge ;)

All payments will be processed via PayPal.

You can contact me here;
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If you're interested in numbers, here's my blog stats as of May 20th, 2013:

GFC followers: 247
Bloglovin followers: 161
Pageviews since April 2012: 111.442

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