Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy Mail & News Flash

Hello guys!! Long time no see uh? How are you all doing?
I haven't been quite myself lately, I got struck by a massive creative block and I couldn't keep up with my mail because of it. This, and exams (still 1 left, UGH!)  really got into my way and I'm truly sorry for not being able to organise my time in a most profitable way.
But I'm back now, for good, I promise!
So before I show you the awesome mail I got lately, I want to make sure you all know that starting July 1st, Google Friends Connect (GFC) won't be a thing anymore, so please please please, if you still wish to follow my blog, you can now do it via Bloglovin, or starting July 1st you won't be receiving any more notifications about my posts. So.. you've been warned!

Now, I in the past few weeks I haven't received much mail, but the few letters I got were really lovely!
I swapped one of my zines (yes, I made my first zine! More about it in a post to come soon!) with a lovely Spanish girl, Greta, and she sent me a zine with some of her experimental postcards, look how cool!
 Then I got a cute and vintage looking letter from Manon in the Netherlands,
 And also from the Netherlands, a little parcel from Marjolijn who recently went to Paris too, and also sent me some delicious Dutch liquorice that are not pictured because.. as I said, they were delicious :D
And that's it from for today, but don't fret! I have loads of posts in store for the upcoming months, so make sure to stick around :)
Also if you're still waiting for a letter from me.. I promise, they'll all go out by the end of the first week of July!

Have a lovely day,

Sunday, 9 June 2013

smash sunday

It's Sunday here on WreckThisGirl, you know what that means!? WreckThisGirl is gonna teach you how to so something~ *ding* (Ignore me, I watch too much YouTube). So, being serious, it's been a while since I last posted a proper Smash Sunday, isn't it? So even if a couple of months later, I decided to show you my first two pages spread dedicated to my trip to Paris.
before / after

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

3 things

..or maybe 4!
Hello guys, hope you're week is off to a great start ☺
Since I proved to be so bad at keeping this blog updated as it should, I decided to make some changes; the first one being changing the "3 things Tuesday" to the "4 monthly things", which is going to be a sort of whishlist for what I plan to do over the current month.
This way I'll be sure to actually show you something, and also have fun with a bit of graphic ☺

Here's the one for June!
  1.  I'll be booking my second and third tattoo, and I'm so excited about it! I'm all over again in that ink craving phase, and I can wait to get more of it on me. (Not that I'm actually getting the tattoo I drew up there tho, Ed.)
  2. Sushi date with le boyfriend! We're both on a get-healthier "diet" so we haven't been to pubs or anything lately, but we're gonna break the rules and have some sushi.. it can't hurt right?!
  3. Go to the movies to watch the Great Gatsby; I'm a fan of classics and I'm curious to see Leonardo Di Caprio in it, as he's one of my fave actors.
  4. Last one, but probably the most important: I will reply to all the letters I accumulated last months and I'll force myself out of this writer's block I've experienced lately.
What are 4 things you wish to do this month?
Have a great day!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Workspace

Hello everyone! This month's been so hectic for me that I - once again - barely posted anything here on the blog. I apologise to all of you that follows me primarily for my freebies.. they'll return shortly, I promise! Also I owe an apology to some of my penpals (Elisse, especially!) for not being able to write anything for a while.. I'm really sorry for leaving you waiting, I'll explain more in my letter, which I count to write and send this week.

That said, I've been spending quite a few time at the computer (that's a first!) and made an illustration I'd like to share with you.
 This is what the crafty corner in my room looks like now, after I redecorated and painted the furniture.
Why not just take a photo? - you may ask. Well, because my room is never that tidy, and moreover, I like drawing so..! I would like to point out that every single bit of this image is hand drawn, I haven't used references, stock or whatever, and I'm quite proud of it :3 {except for the Klimt's painting - for obvious reasons}
Here's some of my favourite bits: