Tuesday, 4 June 2013

3 things

..or maybe 4!
Hello guys, hope you're week is off to a great start ☺
Since I proved to be so bad at keeping this blog updated as it should, I decided to make some changes; the first one being changing the "3 things Tuesday" to the "4 monthly things", which is going to be a sort of whishlist for what I plan to do over the current month.
This way I'll be sure to actually show you something, and also have fun with a bit of graphic ☺

Here's the one for June!
  1.  I'll be booking my second and third tattoo, and I'm so excited about it! I'm all over again in that ink craving phase, and I can wait to get more of it on me. (Not that I'm actually getting the tattoo I drew up there tho, Ed.)
  2. Sushi date with le boyfriend! We're both on a get-healthier "diet" so we haven't been to pubs or anything lately, but we're gonna break the rules and have some sushi.. it can't hurt right?!
  3. Go to the movies to watch the Great Gatsby; I'm a fan of classics and I'm curious to see Leonardo Di Caprio in it, as he's one of my fave actors.
  4. Last one, but probably the most important: I will reply to all the letters I accumulated last months and I'll force myself out of this writer's block I've experienced lately.
What are 4 things you wish to do this month?
Have a great day!


  1. I wish to

    1. have a smashing birthday celebration
    2. send out more than 30 postcards this month (but this task is easy to achieve, I am about to send out 20 postcards for a Postcrossing RR swap).
    3. post more items into my Etsy shop
    4. write more and more letters :)

  2. Ha, I could figure your 4 things just from looking at your drawings. :)
    Let's see what I'm going to do in june:

    1. read 4 books
    2. watch The Great Gatsby and Star Trek
    3. finish translating my thesis
    4. dance rockabilly :)

  3. Not at all like Penny, I could only guess two of your four things - I thought you wanted to meet up with your mom and go out to buy a dress (even though I already saw The Great Gatsby). Take care!

  4. 1. Maybe finish what I have left to watch of Gossip Girl!
    2. Enjoy my birthday
    3. Go shopping for some things I need
    4. Pack for my Chicago trip in July!

  5. Oooh, tattootime! Sushidate is always ok ^^,

    1. Finally get my etsy running.
    2. Get better at updating my blog.
    3. Send a lot more postcards.
    4. Buy new shoes <3

  6. Sushi nevers hurts, ever! In fact, it's super healthy in my book. ;) And, why haven't you seen The Great Gatsby movie yet?? It's so good. I just had to buy the soundtrack to it as well.

    Hmm, I'm super curious to know what tattoo design you're getting....

  7. How did I not know you had a tattoo?! I want to know what design you've got/are getting, now. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your mail posts again, and hearing what you think of Great Gatsby after you've seen it.

    Enjoy the sushi! I am most jealous, I hardly ever get to have sushi. Yum!
    M x

  8. Woohoo for getting 2 more tattoos! Tell me something about them in your letter reply, I'm curious :) My 4 things for June:
    1. study like a crazy person to pass those exams
    2. cuddle with my two kittens and give them all the love they deserve
    3. move in with the bf - for real!
    4. repaint my desk

  9. I love, love your illustrations. So bright, cute, and fun!
    I want to:
    1. Go to the beach more
    2. Have more sushi, too, particularly tuna and salmon
    3. Rewatch Game of Thrones, especially season 1 with Sean Bean
    4. Get ready for my move to New York!

  10. -I saw The Great Gatsby the last night... :( I don't like. I mean, all the movie is awesome, but, the story sucks... Di Caprio = AMAZING <3
    -I wish do all what I didn't do the last two months ^^ reply all my mail, go to Mexico DF, draw, draw, draw! I need to make a bunch of digital Drawings! :)
    -And I been working in the design of my first tatoo! :)

  11. I love your illustrations too!
    My 4 things for the last June:
    1. Go to a big Midsummer festival with my to adult girls to the middle of Finland. Its going to be a great mix of meeting people around the world, sharing time together in large tents, hearing speech from God, hearing and singing gospel and praising God together. Our "must to be" every summer!!
    2. Go to a little cottage with my friend. Its beside to a lake, so hope to go in sauna and swimming a lot! This is the most desirable way to be at vocation in Finland.
    3. To get some fresh new stawberries to eat!
    4. Get some post to my blog...
    Have a nice time!