Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Holiday Essentials for the Uninspired

Good evening everyone! It's not new to me to be very uninspired and negative towards my artistic attempts sometimes, so I often surround myself with inspiration to keep it flowing.
I'll be going for a week to the same village on the mountains where I've been last year, and I like to think of the time I'll spend there, as art therapy of some sort.
To help myself in finding inspiration again, I'm bringing some stuff with me:
1. "The Pocket Scavenger" by Keri Smith, described as: Within the pages of The Pocket Scavenger, you’ll be instructed to go on an unusual scavenger hunt, collecting a spectrum of random items: something that is miniature, a stain that is green, something from the year you were born, a used envelope, and more. Once your quarry is in hand, you’ll apply an alteration dictated solely by chance: create a funny character, make it into a building, conceal it, add polkadots, remove a section, add stripes, scribble on top, fold, turn into an article of clothing, make it “pretty,” and so on. The results: you’ll be forced out of habitual ways of thinking or acting, discover new connections, and try things you might not have done on your own, creating a version of The Pocket Scavenger that is unique, dependent on time, place, experience, and you.
I'm so looking forward to flip through the pages and collect, and create little treasures!
2. My Traveler's Notebook: I like writing, mostly random short sentences that pops in my mind randomly, and then connect them afterwards to create a bigger picture; and that's my notebook of choice!
3. Address book: You'll never know when you'll feel like sending a letter or a postcard, right?!
4. A marker: mostly to symbolize my intention to scribble everywhere, whenever.
5. Sunglass: again, to symbolize relax and you know, just being able to free your mind for whatever clouds it back home.

What are you taking on holiday with you, instead?
Have a great day,

Sunday, 28 July 2013

smash sunday

Hello everyone! I've got a quick smashbook update for you today.
A while back, as you may already know, I decided to get two more tattoos and decided to make a couple of pages about them in my mini smash.
It's nothing major, really, but I just wanted to have a reminder of that day (even tho I can look at my arm for the rest of my life to remind me of it, can't I?!).

So, anyway, what I did is just sticking a few keepsakes: the reference image I gave to the tattoo artist, his business cards (the b/w one) and the card of the tattoo shop. I also took an instant picture of my *very* swollen arm right after I got home. It isn't the best picture, I reckon, but still!
The other tattoo I got is pretty simple so it wasn't worth it picture-wise; it's a crescent moon outline on the outer side of my right wrist, plain and simple :)

Do you guys have any tattoos?! I'd love to know!
Have a great Sunday,

Friday, 12 July 2013

the Love Parcel in my Mailbox

A while back, I sent a package (here; here) to Miranda, for her "Love Parcel" project. She's such a creative girl, and I can't really begin to explain her art to you because it's so unique and wonderful that the best description of it comes from pictures. Anyway, today I received her reply in a gorgeous parcel that I can't wait to show you!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mexican Skulls in my Mailbox

Hello everyone! I hope July's off to a great start for you all and that you're enjoying the holidays ☺
Today, I want to show you an awesome package I received from a very artistic friend over in Mexico: Musberina! We both love skulls, so we decided to go for a skull-themed swap and she sent me some amazing stuff and artworks..