Friday, 12 July 2013

the Love Parcel in my Mailbox

A while back, I sent a package (here; here) to Miranda, for her "Love Parcel" project. She's such a creative girl, and I can't really begin to explain her art to you because it's so unique and wonderful that the best description of it comes from pictures. Anyway, today I received her reply in a gorgeous parcel that I can't wait to show you!
In the smaller packet, there was a vintage book stuffed with lots of ephemera scraps, so it was definitely  a double surprise to flip through it!
The biggest package turned out to be a beautifully decorated wooden box, filled with treasures..
 But let's see some of these close up:
She sent me a lovely tray (I love floral patterns if you don't know) and some jewelry. I wouldn't really know which one to pick as my fave as they're all very beautiful, and definitely all things I'd actually wear.
Speaking of jewelry, she also got me a beautiful butterfly necklace:
a pincushion [or I guess it's a pincushion (*/ω\*) ]  and a wooden zebra.
An ephemera bundle:
 and a bunch of matches ♥
Then, another bundle held together by a buckled strap..
..which revealed to be the prettiest booklet, and some tags [skulls!! (*´▽`*)].
In the booklet, Miranda wrote a poem by Pablo Neruda, which I loved. She also decorated it beautifully with dried flowers and leaves,
 and many other cute details.
 Last but not least, of course, she wrote me a letter, with an explanation of her parcel to me and other sweet words.
I'm so overwhelmed by the overall beauty of this parcel, and I can't wait to put together another one for her already!

Hope you had a great mail week!


  1. wow fab, that's such a beautiful package! You are a lucky girl!

  2. Waw, this is so lovely! I love the booklet with the handsewn detail on the front with the bird. And that jewelry, amazing! I'm jealous! ;-)

  3. I love how Miranda decorated the inside of the box. So beautiful!

  4. Such a magical parcel to receive :)

  5. Lovely parcel!!! All the items are looking great....

  6. Fab,

    That is a fantastic box and other fantastic parcel she sent you, you definatly have Awesome Pen Pals! They think of you in their own special way and that is just awesome! :) LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

  7. ohhh miranda! <3 esa mujer es un genio <3!!