Friday, 30 November 2012

festive friday II

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Hi guys, I hope you're all having an awesome Friday. I just got back from Uni and I feeling poorly because I got stuck under a storm waiting for the bus, great uh?
Anyways I've got some more Christmas printables for you today:
Hope you guys like them and as usual, comments and suggestions for next themes are always more than welcome!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

3 things

Hello guys!
Even though a week has passed, I'm still thrilled about last Tuesday concert, when I got to see Florence + the Machine live in Milan.
I honestly cannot express how many emotions I felt that night, as Florence's music touches me in a very unique way.
Moreover, I don't think to exaggerate when I say she's incredible on stage, not only because of her powerful voice and the notes she's able to reach, but also because her presence can light up a stadium filled with 10k people, which is quite an hard task.
For the whole duration of the concert she jumped from side to side of the stage, greeted us and thanked us many many times, and she was just so flawless whenever she danced and pirouetted on tiptoes.
I still can't get over it, it has been definitely the best concert I've attended so far (sorry Placebo, it wasn't easy for me to admit you've been overcame).

So today's 3 things are all about the concert, I hope you don't mind!

1. I shot this video during the last song they played, Dog Days Are Over, and I'm watching it over and over again because I'm obsessed with it.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

smash sunday + giveaway!

Hi guy, happy Sunday! I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had an amazing day on Thursday, and that the rest of you are enjoying your almost holidays :)
Today I'm back with pictures of my smash* which aren't exactly great quality but still you should be able to get an idea of the pages I did lately.

Those pages I'm showing you, are dedicated to my friend Kelly, the penpal who visited me earlier in October:

On this side of the page, I glued her latest letter in which she told me about the rest of the trip in Italy, what she did/liked etc and a picture of the lovely gifts she brought me from Chicago: a t-shirt and a shot glass with the city skyline!
Also I have to say, the letter was sealed with a gorgeous wax seal she got in Florence. However when it came, it was already half damaged and I wasn't able to remove it safely to keep it intact.. so yeah I'm a mess! But trust me, it was pretty rad.

Friday, 23 November 2012

festive friday


Hi guys! I've been receiving tons of messages asking me to start posting Christmas/Holiday related printables, and since I'm a good girl and I want you to be happy, I'm slowly (because guys, I'm not that into Christmas tbh.. shock horror!) starting to make something that I'll be posting for the next couple of weeks.
Today, here you have a wintery note card to send to all your friends! :)

Click here to download (1.6MB pdf file) [hats & gloves illu credits:]
This is how it looks printed out:

The back is red and had a little space to fill with "from" and "date", and of course plenty of space inside to fill with your holiday wishes.

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

3 things

Hi guys! While you're reading this, I'm hopefully standing in line to get into the venue of Florence + The Machine concert that I've been waiting to attend since this June! How are you doing?
This week I've been doing pretty random things, such as:

1. Watching Donnie Darko because both my boyfriend and I, love it. It's an awesome movie, if you haven't watched it yet, you're missing something, trust me!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

November mail week #2

Hi guy! How was your mail week?
Mine was very good as I received lots of lovely letters :3 but let me show you!
 First letter of the week was this one from Marysza in Poland:

She also sent me some Polish stamps, a wooden arrow, and (not pictured) a wooden "F" and the cutest snail rubber stamp, which I'll soon stamp like crazy over every letter I send!
Next was Kelly's from Canada; how I missed her letters!

Friday, 16 November 2012

freebie friday XX + bonus


Hello m'dears! I've got two things for you today, both in a French/Parisian theme because who doesn't love France?

The freebie is a sheet of address labels, which I suggest you to print on ahdesive paper if you have it, but they work great on normal paper too :)

click here to download it

The non-freebie, is a letter set that cost 2€ and you can buy it by clicking the link below.
It features 4 yellowed sheets, and a vintage looking envelope that comes with an airmail label :)

click on the image to enlarge

You will receive a link to a zip file, which contains both the envelope and the four sheets, two by two in an A4 sized file. If you buy it and have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment here or sending me an email :)

Please Note: The Paypal page where you get redirected might be in Italian. To change the language in English, you just need to get rid of a part of the URL:
This is the URL you should have in your browser: Just delete the /it part and refresh the page. Your URL should be like this then: and your page in English :)
 Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

are you looking for a penpal? II

Hi guys! As I've mentioned a few days ago, I'll be posting here the penpal requests I receive from time to time.
Today, let me introduce you to Helen from the UK!

source (x)
I'm Helen, I'm 24 and live in England.
I'm looking for penpals who write long, creative letters and maybe people to swap ATCs with too! :) It doesn't matter where you're from, as long as you're near-ish my age and share some interests. 
Amongst other things, I love: crafts, photography, doodling in my art journal, reading (everything), walking in the countryside, hot chocolate on cold days, traveling, day-dreaming, being on the beach and staring out to sea imagining where I could go...well I could go on but best to leave some things for letters :) 
You can see a bit more about me at my tumblr address, which is tomatopincushion - it's a little mish mash of me! To contact me, my email is 
Can't wait to meet some lovely new people!
Good luck Helen! And I hope you all are having a lovely week :)

Ps: Ria is holding a very nice contest on her blog Mallard Trail Mail - check it out! All you have to do in order to win is decorating a Christmas tree, sounds like fun uh?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

3 things

Hello guys, how are you doing?
The weather here is super crazy, one day is freezing cold, the other is almost as hot as it was back in august :/  Why can't we just have a snowy, normal winter here?!
Speaking of that, the first thing I've been doing lately is:

1. I've been spending the time between classes getting warm under the sun in the garden of my University - which is a really nice place, even tho students are not supposed to stop there, but only passing by to get to their classes.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Are you looking for a penpal?

Hi guys! Since I very often receive email from people looking for new snail mail friends, that ask me if I can get them in touch with my penpals or if I know someone who would like to be penpal with them and so on,  I thought that now and then when I will receive those kind of requests, I will make a post about it, so that their request will be easily heard from more people :)

The first person to submit a request is Erica from Finland who decided to write it on paper:

Saturday, 10 November 2012

I do still receive and write letters!

Hi guys! The mail related posts are eventually back after a hiatus due to some technical difficulties with my camera memory card etc...
During this time, I've sent and received quite a few nice letters, but unfortunately, for the above mentioned reasons, I couldn't take pictures of all of them.
The letters I sent that won't be pictured were for: Maddie in the UK, Ria in Romania, Thea in Norway and Emily in Sweden.
Then I sent a fat envelope to Ann-Marie in Scotland of "a day in the life" swap :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

freebie friday XIX


Hi guys! As requested last week by

today I've got two Autumn inspired printables.
The first one is a sheet of address labels:

click here to download (5MB pdf file)

And the second one is a very quick letter set made with the same illustrations, featuring a plain envelope that you can customise with your favourite address label :)

click here to download (18.5MB zip file)

Hope you enjoy them :)
Have a nice weekend!
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

3 things

Hi guys! How's November started for you?
Mine OK, since here we have a holiday on the 1st, which this year fell on a Thursday becoming a looong holiday for the whole weekend :)

Anyway, that's what I've done lately:

1. I finally watched Dark Shadows, hence the awesome sketch above. Let me say that I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton works, but this movie.. meh. It wasn't exactly what I thought, and the plot was a bit too obvious and dragged, in my opinion. If you've watched it too, did you liked it?
Anyway I can forgive him, as I'm sure Frankenweenie is going to be awesome, but I still have to watch it, so I'll let you know another day!

Friday, 2 November 2012

freebie friday XVIII


Hello everyone! This week freebies are based on Ely's suggesiton (and if I'm not mistaken, Julie also asked for it a while ago!). Feel free to leave more requests in the comment, and I'll do my best to create something out of them :)
click here to download (13.9 MB zip file)
Hope you like it!
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