Sunday, 25 November 2012

smash sunday + giveaway!

Hi guy, happy Sunday! I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had an amazing day on Thursday, and that the rest of you are enjoying your almost holidays :)
Today I'm back with pictures of my smash* which aren't exactly great quality but still you should be able to get an idea of the pages I did lately.

Those pages I'm showing you, are dedicated to my friend Kelly, the penpal who visited me earlier in October:

On this side of the page, I glued her latest letter in which she told me about the rest of the trip in Italy, what she did/liked etc and a picture of the lovely gifts she brought me from Chicago: a t-shirt and a shot glass with the city skyline!
Also I have to say, the letter was sealed with a gorgeous wax seal she got in Florence. However when it came, it was already half damaged and I wasn't able to remove it safely to keep it intact.. so yeah I'm a mess! But trust me, it was pretty rad.

I also added a little pocket where I put the little polaroid pictures of her kittens that she sent me a while back along with a letter. (Aren't they too cute, by the way?!)
On the other side of the page, I glued a postcard of Chicago - from the postcard booklet she also gave me when we met <3 which is full of gorgeous pictures of buildings of her city - and a sticker that her boyfriend, awesome artist I have to say, made.

Can't I just meet all my penpals already?!
Anyways.. I hope you guys like them and give me your opinion in the comments :)
Have a great day!

PS: the lovely Zie from It's Paper Dear let me hold a contest on her blog, so make sure to stop by and while you're there, take a look at the gorgeous boxes full of stationery and paper goodies that she sells every month <3


  1. This is awesome! It is such a fun idea that I'd like to start a Smash book too x) And yay for the giveaway!

  2. oh I love your pages in the smashbook! great that you have dedicated these pages to a penpal, jelous that you have met!! :D

  3. What an amazing book, such a inspirational pictures!

  4. Aaah those cats, too cute! I am really a huge fan of you making pages in your smash book about your penpals, that is such an honour for them :)