Tuesday, 27 November 2012

3 things

Hello guys!
Even though a week has passed, I'm still thrilled about last Tuesday concert, when I got to see Florence + the Machine live in Milan.
I honestly cannot express how many emotions I felt that night, as Florence's music touches me in a very unique way.
Moreover, I don't think to exaggerate when I say she's incredible on stage, not only because of her powerful voice and the notes she's able to reach, but also because her presence can light up a stadium filled with 10k people, which is quite an hard task.
For the whole duration of the concert she jumped from side to side of the stage, greeted us and thanked us many many times, and she was just so flawless whenever she danced and pirouetted on tiptoes.
I still can't get over it, it has been definitely the best concert I've attended so far (sorry Placebo, it wasn't easy for me to admit you've been overcame).

So today's 3 things are all about the concert, I hope you don't mind!

1. I shot this video during the last song they played, Dog Days Are Over, and I'm watching it over and over again because I'm obsessed with it.

2. The set was amazing, she had those screens behind her which had a different pattern for every song, but one of my favourites, was definitely this one, when they projected her face all over it.

3. That's my favourite picture of the night, it's nothing special, but to me, it represent what I was talking about before, her ability to stand out in such a huge place. I don't think this is an obvious thing, I mean, I know that she was supposed to be the centre of attention but there are a lot of singers and artists that don't render on stage, whilst she was simply magnetic.

That's it for this week; what's the best concert you've attended?
Have a lovely week!


  1. Must have been a very special show :-) Glad you enjoyed it so much! Have you received my letter yet? I'm afraid if you haven't, it might have gotten lost by the postoffice :(

  2. She's brilliant and watching that video gave me goosebumps. I'm so glad you got to experience that.