Saturday, 17 November 2012

November mail week #2

Hi guy! How was your mail week?
Mine was very good as I received lots of lovely letters :3 but let me show you!
 First letter of the week was this one from Marysza in Poland:

She also sent me some Polish stamps, a wooden arrow, and (not pictured) a wooden "F" and the cutest snail rubber stamp, which I'll soon stamp like crazy over every letter I send!
Next was Kelly's from Canada; how I missed her letters!

She sent me a bookmark from Honk Hong and a magnet with a Voltaire's quote which I actually really loved!
The other day I got a letter from Ankita in India, which attached a cute map thingie with it :)

and a letter from Marjolijn with a postcard from her recent visit to the Czech Republic:

Last but not least, I also received a postcard from Corey in Singapore

and a massive package from Siana in Macau:
it was a sort of Christmas swap and I got an envelope (!) bag, a japanese fish pouch, chopsticks, a phone charm, and loads of yummy snacks (half of which are are already in my happy tummy).

As for the outgoing, I sent my reply to Mariam in the Netherlands,

my reply to Marysza,

and to Florine in France, Kelly in Canada, Kelly in the US, and Andie in Portugal

What did you send this week?
Have a good day,


  1. i have already received your reply! i was really surprised when I saw it! it was a really.. like REALLY fast reply :D thank you so much for all gifts and ohhh your foxy notepaper is amazing!!! :D can't wait to reply!! :D

  2. Great Incoming mail! I love that cute map that Ankita sent. Your outgoing mail is wonderful as well.

  3. Yay, nice to see that you received my letter! All the other mail is so lovely too <3

  4. Your mail always looks so exciting! Thanks so much for the fat envelope you sent! I'm going to post a pic of everything on my blog tomorrow. I just took some photos of it actually! I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE your blog! Maybe we can do another day in the life swap in january? What do you think? Is that too soon? Xxx Ann-Marie

  5. AMAZING mail week fab!I'm loving all the gorgeous stamps you got, and the Chennai map card thing that Ankita got you! :) ♥ I recognize some of the snacks from your xmas package swap!

  6. I so want your penpals. You get awesome stuff!

  7. Yaaay I'm so happy to see a letter for me ^^

  8. I love this idea! I think it's amazing! I love writing letters to my friends who have moved farther away! It's so much fun opening your mailbox to find a little bit on love it in! I collect postcards and all kinds of mailart!

    Love Your Blog!
    Your Newest Follower,
    Thirsty World Designs