Saturday, 10 November 2012

I do still receive and write letters!

Hi guys! The mail related posts are eventually back after a hiatus due to some technical difficulties with my camera memory card etc...
During this time, I've sent and received quite a few nice letters, but unfortunately, for the above mentioned reasons, I couldn't take pictures of all of them.
The letters I sent that won't be pictured were for: Maddie in the UK, Ria in Romania, Thea in Norway and Emily in Sweden.
Then I sent a fat envelope to Ann-Marie in Scotland of "a day in the life" swap :)

Then I sent an handmade envelope on its way to Mona in the USA, made out of an Halloween comic..

And my reply to Neda in Norway and Madeline:

Not to the incoming:
this lovely letter, full of gorgeous Spanish stamps is from Maddie in the UK who wrote about birthdays, Halloween, scouts and zentangles :D

The following, is instead from Florine in France. She drew a Fab-kitten on the envelope, which made me really smile! Isn't it cute?

This one, is from Kelly in the USA, the penpal that I met early in October :)
She wrote about her experience in Italy, holidays, and the Walking Dead (isn't it so lovely when a friend has your same obsessions :D?)

Then I got two postcards: the one on the right with the lovely girl, is from Andie in Portugal (finally!) and the other one is from Amit in India and represent tribal girls.

amazing stamps <3
Lastly, I got Ann-Marie's part of the swap I've mentioned at the beginning of the post.
She sent me SO much stuff that could have never fit in only one picture, so I chose my favourite bits to show you, which include a mini zine, a super tiny zine, a chick sticker, one of her postcards and a sketch :)

That's it for this week, what did you got in your mailbox?

Have a nice weekend,


  1. Sooo much lovely mail! It's really nice to see your incoming and outgoing mail again :)

  2. Great mail!!! Just like Ankita,I am also very happy to see your incoming and outgoing mail again. I am happy that you got my postcard and hope you will get the Diwali card soon.

  3. Did you ever get a chance to reply to my letter from over the summer Fab? :) xo

  4. Yay, glad to see my letter got to you safely :). And the tape decoration survived the post! I tried to be a bit creative with the envelope for once, I hope you liked it :). I look forward to receiving your letter, as always :)
    M x

  5. Ahhh I've missed your mail posts! Good to have them back.
    Love seeing all the things sent and recieved.
    By the way, I just adore your handwriting.

  6. Yay, more letter posts! :)
    I reckon you must receive some of the most perkiest mail ever cause it's always filled with fun goodies and stationery. I am in love with the stamps from India, words can't even describe.

  7. Beautiful snail mail as usual. I love Florine's drawing, so cute! I hope you've received my letter by now as well?

  8. Hey hun did you get my recent letter? xx