Tuesday, 20 November 2012

3 things

Hi guys! While you're reading this, I'm hopefully standing in line to get into the venue of Florence + The Machine concert that I've been waiting to attend since this June! How are you doing?
This week I've been doing pretty random things, such as:

1. Watching Donnie Darko because both my boyfriend and I, love it. It's an awesome movie, if you haven't watched it yet, you're missing something, trust me!

2. I've been smashing.. more pics coming this Sunday :3
3.  I took some random pictures. [1- my boyfriend and I as adventurers. 2- my dad's house. 3- a corner of the garden of my Uni. 4- a random building]

What have you been doing this week? :)


  1. Great moments! Have an absolute blast at the Florence concert. Jealous!

  2. Look, that sunshine!!! I haven't seen it over here for a loooong time (okay, just kidding, today it was sunny. But oh so cold!) I hope you had a great time at F&TM, must be pretty awesome :) I'm jealous!

  3. Teehee, I recognise the envelope on that Smash page!

    I got your letter on Saturday, thank you! It cheered my day up as I had a headache. I'll write back soon :)

  4. Great pictures!!! I hope you had amazing moments in the concert.

  5. Oh, my boyfriend highly recommended me to watch Donnie Darko. I'll bump it on my list now that I have a double recommendation.

  6. *-* I'm in love with that smashbook! <3