Thursday, 15 November 2012

are you looking for a penpal? II

Hi guys! As I've mentioned a few days ago, I'll be posting here the penpal requests I receive from time to time.
Today, let me introduce you to Helen from the UK!

source (x)
I'm Helen, I'm 24 and live in England.
I'm looking for penpals who write long, creative letters and maybe people to swap ATCs with too! :) It doesn't matter where you're from, as long as you're near-ish my age and share some interests. 
Amongst other things, I love: crafts, photography, doodling in my art journal, reading (everything), walking in the countryside, hot chocolate on cold days, traveling, day-dreaming, being on the beach and staring out to sea imagining where I could go...well I could go on but best to leave some things for letters :) 
You can see a bit more about me at my tumblr address, which is tomatopincushion - it's a little mish mash of me! To contact me, my email is 
Can't wait to meet some lovely new people!
Good luck Helen! And I hope you all are having a lovely week :)

Ps: Ria is holding a very nice contest on her blog Mallard Trail Mail - check it out! All you have to do in order to win is decorating a Christmas tree, sounds like fun uh?

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