Sunday, 28 July 2013

smash sunday

Hello everyone! I've got a quick smashbook update for you today.
A while back, as you may already know, I decided to get two more tattoos and decided to make a couple of pages about them in my mini smash.
It's nothing major, really, but I just wanted to have a reminder of that day (even tho I can look at my arm for the rest of my life to remind me of it, can't I?!).

So, anyway, what I did is just sticking a few keepsakes: the reference image I gave to the tattoo artist, his business cards (the b/w one) and the card of the tattoo shop. I also took an instant picture of my *very* swollen arm right after I got home. It isn't the best picture, I reckon, but still!
The other tattoo I got is pretty simple so it wasn't worth it picture-wise; it's a crescent moon outline on the outer side of my right wrist, plain and simple :)

Do you guys have any tattoos?! I'd love to know!
Have a great Sunday,


  1. hey fab, i love this page!! i want to do an instant of my big tattoo whenever i get it :D i want it above my knee but i don't know if i want it facing me, or facing out. i still want you to help me design something, and i'm still waiting for the email of the big picture of those antlers w. the flowers ♥♥

  2. That moth is lovely! I have one tattoo but definitely want more. I have an 'R' on my right ankle. It is one letter out of the declaration of human rights for this project:

  3. Pretty tattoo! Would love to see it up close!:D I used to want to get inked, and then I had a dream that I did in fact got a tattoo and then the more I stared at it, the more I hated it and I kept scrubbing and scratching on my skin in an attempt to get it off. I guess I tend to be quite fickle-minded, although I do love tattoos, it's a bit hard to imagine myself with one. Maybe someday I'll find something that I'd actually want inked on me. :)

  4. Such a lovely tattoo!! My tattoo idea is still forming, but I kind of decided already about the what & where (owl (of course ;-) ) on my foot. now I need to save up some money and find a good artist :)