Friday, 8 November 2013

A Time Traveller's Journal

There's a lovely lady that lives in the UK, that goes by the name of Shelley (you may remember her from this post) whom I'm very lucky to be in touch with through snail mail.
A couple of days ago, I found a fat package waiting for me in my mailbox, and it turned out to be from the above mentioned darling.
Here's an overview of its content:
What I want to share with you today, is the amazing handmade journal she sent me, or what she called "a time traveller's journal":

It is filled with many, fun and interesting prompts, like little everyday scavenger hunts!
Each page is unique and made out of different materials: old envelopes, maps, tissue paper (..actually it's not tissue paper, but I can't recall the name of it. Help me!):
And being very thoughtful, she also included some space for contacts so that if I always carry it around - as I'm gonna do - I won't have to worry about carrying my address book too!
Starting monday, I'm going to try and have a little scavenger hunt at least twice a week! So if you're interested in seeing more of this and my finds and how I'm going to fill this adorable journal, stay tuned :)

Don't you think this is such an awesome idea?!

(PS. freebie friday is coming your way tomorrow!)


  1. This is amazing, I love that it handmade so sweet. I want one!


  2. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see some of your future "missions"!

  3. There are so many beautiful things in your blog!

  4. Ahw, that is so lovely! Must have taken ages to create this, I can only admire that :) Have fun with it, fab!

  5. Good morning, Fab! So happy to see that you've really enjoyed this journal and it's fun prompts ^-^ I do look forward to your completed entries soon and I'm glad that you thought the contacts section was a good idea too! :D in answer to the lovely comments above, it took around 2 hours to complete this journal, from tearing the handmade pulp paper/envelopes/maps etc into signature for the book and sewing it in. Typing up the words and sticking in the papergoods :) it was a very fun project to put together for you :3 lots of love,

    Shelley xx