Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are you looking for a penpal?

Recently I've received a lot of penpal ads, and it's finally time to share them with you and hopefully someone will find a new friend ☺! 
Hi ^_^ My names is Loredana (Lolly for friends), 34 years old, I live in Italy with my husband and my one year old cat Amy.
I am an artist and I love correspondence. I love paper, art, fashion and animals. I'm vegetarian and I love cruelty free fashion.
I am looking for new pen pals to whom write in English because I want to learn it.
Let me know, send me an email: 
ps: my facebook profile 

Hi, I'm Aimée. I'm 25 years old and I am a Year 2 primary school teacher in England. I have lots of hobbies; I love reading book, making and baking, and going for rides in my vintage land rover. I love nature and love my two naughty cats, Saxon and Pixie. I would love a pen pal to exchange snail mail letters with, as I miss opening post that are meaningful and personal.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Please email if you are interested in writing to me.
Blogspot -

I've been looking for a crafty/friendly/foreign pen-pal! I recently graduated from art school with a Painting & Printmaking degree and have been lacking the creative juices. I have always enjoyed getting letters my whole life. The thought of not only getting letters but also little works of art sounds awesome! I hope to get some reply's! -Virginia (
Hi, my name is Katie, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Massachusetts. I'm looking for a pen pal who would also love to swap treasures, handmade or found. Some of my interests are reading, musicals (especially Les Mis), music, painting, cats, and horror movies. Anyone who shares some of these or just wants to make a new friend, please send me a message. Contact me through my tumblr,

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