Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mailbox Madness pt. II

Hello everyone! It's about time for me to write a post on my incoming mail, isn't it?
I've been receiving some lovely pieces of mail lately, so here we go!

I received a zine I ordered on Etsy from the lovely Ari, owner of the shop The Big Little Lunch, who really did an amazing job packing it up:
The content was of course amazing too. I loved her zine (suggested to those who love  peculiar, creppy and surreal illustrations), and I was really impressed by the extras she included for me:
In the little bottle there was some cute random object: an heart pushpin, a teeth, a miniature fork and a button!
Then I got mail from Bernadine, who did a swap with me not so long ago; she sent me some adorable

bookmarks (a lot of them actually! So you might end up sharing her kindness with me..), a letter pad, and of course a lovely letter:
I also received a package from Michelle, unfortunately the first letter she sent me got lost, but this time, luckily, it got here without troubles:
She made an incredible booklet to hold her letter and some other goodies:
She sent me some citrus tea that I'm really looking forward to try (the green tea  passion one, I already had it while going through her letter!):
and some "smashing & wrecking" supplies ☺
As if it wasn't enough, she also sent me a belated birthday present and my oh my.. I'm in love with it! It's a gorgeous travel journal, and not only the cover is beautiful, but the pages inside too! I wish I'd have the chance to leave for a journay tomorrow, just to put it to good use!
I received another belated birthday present, from Kelly, and guys, I made the weirdest noise while unwrapping it, because she sent me a mini smashbook! You've read it right.. how awesome is that.. how awesome is Kelly?! As much as I love my big smashbook, sometimes I feel lost facing such big pages, so the mini one is the perfect size!
Once again, as if it wasn't enough already, she also sent me some postcards from her trip to Japan, and some japanese snacks (that my boyfriend and I gobbled in a fraction of second..).
I then got a letter from Maddie in the UK; she sent me some paper bits, and a very cute icecream van flyer and spoon ☺what a fun thing to receive! Also if any of you is a Doctor Who fan.. take a closer look at the stamp!
Lastly, I received a letter from Mariam in the Netherlands.. apparently the letter I sent her back in February, only reached her in April! So weird, anyway it didn't got lost, at least..
she included a lovely handmade bracelet for me (in my fav color too!!) and some facts about her written on color swatches.

And that's it for this quick round up of my latest incoming mail! Have you received anything special lately?

Have a nice day,


  1. Ahw Fab, such lovely mail! You deserve all those belated birthday gifts, though! You lucky woman :)

  2. Lucky girl!:) Michelle's package is very inspiring!
    I was gutted to know the one I sent 2 weeks ago has not made it to your letter box yet, I hope it will eventually find its way to you soon! *fingers crossed* ! x

  3. I'm always so proud when I see my letters in your posts; you take such lovely photos that things look better than I remember them! Glad you like the little bits and pieces :).

    Ooh, a mini smash book. I got one before my full size one, they are great fun for making little pages of memories. Can't wait to see pictures of the pages you create! Share more Smashing! :p
    M x

  4. I love the witch, the doiley card and the green envelope with red ribbon, because it looks so Christmassy :)

  5. Wow! Your inbox has many mails. I think it's superb surprise things that make everyone happy.

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