Monday, 21 October 2013

I'm not dead~

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if you noticed but I disappeared from the internet for a while. I could go into details and bore the hell of out you, so I won't; just know that I needed some time away to clear my mind a little bit.

Thank you to those of you who stayed in touch despite my eremitism, and those whom stuck to my blog even tho the lack of updates. I'm not able to say yet if I'll be as active as I used to, but I will try. I love sharing my mail, projects and everything else with you guys, but lately I have been feeling quite negative towards this all.

Anyway, to start making amends for being MIA, there will be a free printable letters set posted every Friday for the month of November, and I really hope you guys will enjoy the Freebie Friday throwback as much as I did!

That said, look forward to more frequent posts again from now on. I really missed you all!

Have a great day,


  1. Me alegra tanto verte de vuelta! besos enormes!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better already, fab! I do miss your blog posts, but I totally get how negativity can affect almost every part of a "routine". Take a break for as long as you need, your friends & readers will always be here :) ❤ Also, I sent you a letter just yesterday and I hope when that reaches you, it'll bring some joy to your day.

  3. Fab! I've missed you and your internet presence. I hope everything is well and that you're doing good. I hope this negative feeling you're enduring passes by because you're so talented and good at what you do.

  4. So good to see a post from you, Fab! I have missed you and am glad to read you will be posting more often :) I understand how you have been feeling and I hope everything becomes better soon.

    P. S. I love the new 'avatar' :3

  5. fab, your blog is one i'm constantly refreshing! i love your blog and everything you do! stop feeling sad!! i wish we could eat biscotti and drink tea together ♥

  6. I wish your best, many hugs for you! <3

  7. Aww glad to see you updating this fun blog as well as your IG, Fab and sorry to hear that you've been feeling down about things too </3 hopefully things will pick up again :]