Monday, 26 December 2011


Let the WTJ Swap Season '12 begin! Yaaay.

But, what's the Swap Season? And how does it work?

It's easy, my friends; If you own a WTJ and you like art trades, receiving letters and do creative things this is the perfect occasion to do all these things in one. We will choose a page (example 'color this entire page') and we will make it in our own WTJs. Once we're done we will exchange our addresses and send the page to each other and then stick it back into our journals.

Below, you'll find a list of available pages of my Wreck This Journal that I'm willing to swap.

To apply for the swap, you must send me a message on my tumblr (here) with the following text: 'Swap Season <the name of the page you would like to swap>'. If by the time you send me the message, the page is still available, you'll receive a reply that will confirm the deal; if the page is already taken because someone was faster than you, you'll be notified but you'll be able to choose another page.

(Obviously, once our pages are completed you must be willing to give me your address, that I will never publish or share with anyone. You must agree to do the same with mine.)

So here's the list of the pages:
  • Leave This Page Blank On Purpose. - status: Taken (by carsarelittlebloodcells - March).
  • Make a Paper Airplane. - status: Taken (by thelovelyfox - February).
  • Wrap Something With this Page. - status: Taken (By MonicAwesome @Flickr).
  • Pretend You're Doodling on the Back of an Envelope [...]. - status: Taken (by ill-be-in-the-music-room - January).
  • Ask a Friend to Do Something Destructive to This Page. - status: Taken (by s-c-a-r-e-c-r-o-w-781 - February).
  • Lose This Page. - status: √ Completed (by i--n--f--i--n--i--t--e - January).

Please notice: you can already start grabbing your slot but the Swap Season won't officially start before the end of winter holidays (January 8, '12), which means we'll start trading after that date. The season ends in March, so it will be swapped two pages a month. (Example: the first two people who send me a message will swap in January, the second two in February and the last two in March). In the confirmation reply that you will receive, I'll specify in which month your swap belongs and in case you have problems, you can ask to postpone the swap.

I think I inlcuded everything, in case I forgot something and/or you've got any questions, feel free to ask (here).

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