Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas Mail

Hello guys,
it's probably time for me to share some mail with you! Who's excited? I definitely am, I'm really looking forward to blog more regularly again in 2014 ☺
Here's some lovely mail I received recently:
from my dear Emily in Sweden, a Christmas package full of owl themed goodies! Some rubbers, a notebook and a cutesy card ♥
From Marisa in California, some gorgeous monogram cards to match the stamp she got me a while back, so pretty!

From Elisse in Belgium, another owl themed Christmas gift - which besides being really cute, is actually very useful as it's an hand warmer! - an handmade tree ornament, and a card.
Lastly, a surprise card from Jenny and an instax picture of her to wish me a merry Christmas, how sweet is that?!
Did you sent or received something from your penpals this Christmas?
Talk to you soon,


  1. That Christmas card from Jenny is SO cute! I wonder where she got it.

  2. That hand warmer is so cute!!

  3. Lucky girl! I'm admiring all of the lovely stamps featured in this post. :)