Thursday, 25 September 2014

Moving blog - please read!

Hey guys! Long time no see, uh?
I'm gonna spare you the part where I apologize and explain myself, here, and I'll go straight to the point: I'm moving my blog away from Blogspot.

I've created a completely new blog (so this one will still be up and all the resources will still be available.. I'm just starting over, if I can say so), and I would really love if you'd like to keep in touch with me and follow me over there.
The blog is called SnailMailLove, and what I'll do there won't be much different from what I did here, hopefully just better and more frequent.
To thank you all for taking the time go through this change with me, I'm hosting a giveaway on the new blog as well.

I really hope to see you there ♥
Thank you so much,
ƒ. xx


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