Monday, 9 June 2014

Floral Mail Art

Last Friday I had an exam and got a surprisingly very high grade, so when I got back home I was in a rather cheery mood.
I picked up my watercolors and started doodling on an envelope. It had been a while since I last hand painted anything, and it felt really refreshing. It still doesn't have a recipient, but I still wanted to share it with you ♥
Some details:
What do you find yourself doing when you're happy?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Oh this is lovely. I love watercoloring, it always looks so soft and pretty.
    As for what I'm doing when I'm happy - it really depends. Usually I do something craft - a card, or making a letter, filling in the postcards or browsing through craft/mail blogs. Or taking a walk... playing piano... lol.

    1. Thank you so much! Well, it does sound like something I'd do as well! I wish I could play piano, it must be lovely to turn your happiness into music :)

    2. It is indeed, it's one of those great instruments to flood emotions through! (when I am upset or angry, I play too. i've already broken a few keys :D)

  2. Lovely. The recipient will be very happy :)


  3. Congratulations on your high grade! :) The envelope is gorgeous!!! I'm a little intimidated by watercolor because I'm so terrible with illustrating in general and paint feels so permanent to me. It sounds weird, I know, but maybe I can start letting go of my "paint is permanent" fear and paint some pretty stationery!

  4. Beautiful flowers. You have a great talent! Congratulations on a very good evaluation of on the exam! ;)

  5. I love anything watercolor....but especially floral! thanks for sharing!

  6. Things like that make us feel like new!! :D

  7. I really love it!

  8. Oh my Fab, this is so pretty! Whenever I'm feeling happy I want to create something as well. So it's either sewing, or just crafting something. :)

  9. This is so cute!
    When Im happy I clean.
    Happiness gives me enery and high energy means cleaning long forgotten nooks and crannies ;-)

  10. Hey! I'm not sure if you saw my other comment but here is it anyway! xD

    I really like your printable stationary and I made a blog post about them. Hope you don't mind! :) I gave you the credit!

    Here's a link if you want to check or something:

  11. Hello!! I found your blog and I loved it so much (: I also have a snail mail blog, if you want to take a look!! Yours is fab :D

    Have a nice day