Saturday, 7 June 2014

#postallyconnected pt 2

A little while ago, I started a project over on Instagram, that I called Postally Connected.
For my birthday I received Keri Smith's 'Everything is Connected', which is a book of postcards with fun tasks written on them.
Instead of filling them in and then send them, I decided I wanted to give the chance to have a bit of fun with them to someone else, and this is how the project started.

I sent 10 postcards to ten lovely girls, and today, I want to share with you the second batch of postcards that came back to me, to show you what a great work they did with them!

The first one is from Bernice, which is an incredibly creative gal! Our task was to draw a portrait of me as a superhero, and a portrait of her as a bad guy!
 I drew myself as SuperFab (which sounds sooo cheesy, omg) and I even have a Bunny-Signal à la Batman, while she drew herself as Bermean, so freaking cool!
 Next up, is from Jessica; her task was to decorate a 'public space' inviting people to contribute
 and it's so cool to have a token from Toronto Zine Library as I image in it like a very artistic and inspiring place, perfect environment for this kind of project!
 Lastly, I received Chomri's postcard as well! Her postcard had a blank sign she had to fill with a message of her choice, and let me say, she did it beautifully!
 I absolutely adore it; the message and execution are just great!
 So, thank you gals for joining and making this project special!
I can't wait to send more postcards out!

Much love,


  1. Very cool idea and lovely results!

  2. Omg fab you as a super hero, my smile is so big, so cute it's like your little avatar! I love the last one with the lace, I loved it all never mind!