Monday, 14 April 2014

the flat swap

Hello everyone!
Today I've got something rather interesting to show you; a while ago I joined a very fun swap over at Giova's blog, and last week, my parcel finally came!
I was really lucky to be paired with an amazing artist called Aljona (or Katlix) that really spoiled me with many beautiful goodies!
The swap required to send a couple of different things, and here's what I've received:
- for "something handmade in your area of expertise", Aljona decided to make me a portrait! How cool is that? What's even cooler is that she implemented some of my favourite things in it (for example, my hair are teal in her drawing because I told her it is my fave color! So clever).
- for "a drawing of something you like"she sent me various of her prints, and I was really impressed by them and all the different techniques that go into them.
- there was a little letter, of course, in this very pretty geometrical print card;
- for "something handwritten" she wrote a poem called "window" by Forough Farrokhzad on a watercolor stained paper. The poem itself is beautiful, and I really appreciated the creativity in displaying it.
- last but not least, for "something that you own, but not need", she sent me a bunch of paper ephemera and a few rolls of washi tape, that may or may not have made me squeal.
All in all, it was definitely one of the most fun swap I've joined lately, and I'll be definitely up for another round if there's ever gonna be one (*wink wink, Giova*).
Thanks again to Aljona for everything she's put together for me, and to Giova for hosting it :)

Have you guys joined any fun swap lately?
Much love,


  1. Fab, I love the blue washi tape with the lace on it! Also, I laughed about the teal photo with the teal eyebrows because GURRL I had the blue eyebrows a few weeks ago remember ^.^ I love all of it she sent, especially the water color'd paper, whenever I try to do that I never let it dry all the way and the ink seeps through gahh D:

    1. In case you're wondering how I did that: I used liquid water colour, diluted with water a bit, a sponge and water colour paper. You just need to dab the sponge in the liquid water colour and then on the paper to create the stained effect. And it dries super fast too! It was probably dry enough after 10 minutes to start drawing on it and it took maybe another 10 minutes to be completely dry.

  2. Oh, my!! What fun stuff you got, especially the poem (I have a weakness for poems), it looks amazing!
    I'm so happy and relieved it all worked out great!!
    And yes, I am considering a second round (lots of people have asked about it).
    Thanks again for joining :)

  3. Waw Fabrizia, Giova is really talented! I love the portrait she made of you :) Oh and it also makes me want to go back to teal hair... The watercolor poem looks so neat!