Sunday, 2 December 2012

it's time for some mail!

Hi guys! Let me start off by saying thank you to all of you who still stick around despite my lack of mail-related updates. I'm super lazy and forgetful and it's a deadly comb; But anyway, today's the day I finally update you all on my mail :)
Let's begin!
Have you ever cried while reading a letter? I mean tears of joy. I did, a couple of times, but this one time was the best. My friend Khris from Spain, sent me a letter (well, actually letters - 5 of them!) and I swear I wish you could all read them because what she wrote, and how she wrote it.. is freaking pure bliss.

On a side note, she also sent me some delicious tea that made my reading even more lovely, and some music themed stickers to wish me to have a great time at the concert :')
Then I got mail from Nastya in Russia, who sent me a wonderful pic of her hometown:

The next letter is from Julia in Indonesia. After I while we hadn't been in contact because of her upcoming graduation, she finally had time to write me and sent me this lovely letter with some extras: tea, a necklace, tiny cute erasers, a recipe, and cream samples!

I also got a letter from Mariam in the Netherlands, who also sent me a really cute postcard and some mint tea. It seems relevant to add that the letter itself smelled like mint for being in contact with the tea, and it was particularly nice :D

Then from China, I received Mengyuan's letter. She also sent me two typical Chinese illustrations on postcard and a lovely notebook (bottom left corner).

Last but not least, a GREAT dia de los muertos themed package from Ely in Mexico (to whom I actually already replied!) filled with a bunch of goodies!

She sent me a sugar skull cupcake topper , a dancing skeleton, a wonderful drawing of hers, candy bracelet!, sugar skull magnet,  a tiny knitted bag, and a cake shaped eraser *-*
Details below ~

So! That's had been my mail of the past weeks and I couldn't be happier!
How was your mail week?
Have a nice day,


  1. I exchange with Ely too! What a cute package. :-)

  2. Has my letter not arrived yet? I posted it on Thursday so hopefully you should get it early this week :)

    Looks like you've had some lovely letters. You always photograph them so well :).

    M x

  3. *-* I't looks so pretty! The stickers arrived? ._. they comes in the envelope ^^ so cute mail!

  4. Such lovely mail, as always. Aw and so sweet that you had to cry tears of happiness, he he. But you still haven't got my letter? That's so odd, I sent it out more than a month ago... Hope it still gets to you!

  5. Woweeee! Super exciting mail! I especially loved all the skeletons from your penpal Ely! Last week I got some cool mail too! :-) yaaaaaaay!