Monday, 27 February 2012

Lettermo participation & changes

Hello there,
for those of you who don't follow me on tumblr, you probably don't know that I've decided to join the Lettermo project.
I've been into penpalling since I was twelve, but only recently I've found myself completely rapt in correspondance. Through tumblr I've had the chance to find a LOT of new super nice penpals from a lot of different countries and, moreover, I've also found out a lot of interesting mail-related websites.
At the moment I've 7 regualar penpals and even if it would be awesome, I really can't have more than that, or I wouldn't be able to keep up a fairly fast correspondance, and I don't know you but I like to write back pretty quickly.
My other mail activities, besides penpals, consists in postcrossing and just recently, I've attempted swap-bot and sendsomething.

I'm so utterly excited about this project, that I've decided that if this first month goes well, I'll extend the project for a whole year.
For this reason, I'm turning this blog into my 'letter project' blog, where basically I'll post about incoming and outgoing mail and anything related to this tipic.

Today, it officially starts my Lettermo, and I've already 15 letters on my list to send!
To complete the month, I'll need to send 11 more letters/postcars/anything, so if any of you is interested in a one-time penpal experience with me, you can request a letter here. (EDIT: I've reached 11 requests already! :D It will be available again for April later this month so if you're interested, stick around)
Click the 'read more' for more info about requesting a letter etc.

Will you publish my home address/name etc?
Of course not; I'll be the only one who can read and use them.

What will I receive if I request a letter?
Obviously a letter, but not only. You might also receive postcards (both handmade or store bought), random bits and bobs, drawings, small paintings and prints.. just small nice things to make your mailbox happy.

Do I have to send something in return?
I'd lie if I'd say I wouldn't appreciate that, but it's totally up to you! If you decide not to, you might at least let me know that you've received my letter, if you liked it etc, and possibly send me a link to a blog post or pictures of it. Otherwise, if you choose to send something to me (yay!), you don't have to send me the equivalent of what I've sent to you. I'd be happy to receive anything - from random things you've gathered on your way to school (a used bus ticket, leaves..) to pieces of your own art and such. It's not about the content of your letter, as much as receiving something nice in the mail :)

If you have any other question related to this topic, feel free to ask them on tumblr (even anonymously) or leaving a comment here and I'll answer them in the next post.

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