Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mail Day! #2

Today, I received another sweet letter from Sophia, so far so good.

Handing me the envelope, the custodian of my building told me that the envelope arrived damaged but he hadn't the chance to talk to the postman about that, because since the postal service was suspended for a week, he delivered a bunch of letters and he didn't really noticed that until he started sorting them.

When he said 'damaged' I didn't really expected what I actually found out; The top of the envelope had been completely ripped off and very badly taped back. By the moment I realized that, I was really pissed off, because it's fine that sometimes an envelope can arrive with a folded corner, or stained or with any small damage incurred during the transit, but a ripped top... are you kidding me?

After I got home, I sent a message to Sophia to ask her about the content of the envelope, because I had this feeling that something was missing, and I was right indeed. She had the lovely thought of making an handmade brooch for me, but the darn postman had the brilliant idea to steal it. I can't even express how I find degrading and disrespectful this action. As if I needed another reason to hate this country/town!

And to make it worse, they didn't really minded ripping off the card where the brooch was attached either..

Nonetheless, the rest of the content was still there:

the letter, the 'Tea is the answer to everything' card and three tea bags that I'm super excited about and I can't wait to try. Especially the vanilla one!
I feel so sorry and ashamed for what happened, but besides the bitterness, I'm still happy for receiving such a lovely letter.
So.. thanks again, Sophia :) and a big 'fuck you' to the heartless idiot that has fun digging into other people's stuff; kharma will knock at your door someday ;)


  1. 'kharma will knock at your door someday ;)' haha love it! I hope it will really do it haha :D

    beautiful package you received! such a sad thing that someone took the brooch.. looking at this ripped corner I'm sure that someone saw through the envelope and took it on purpose... because they saw it.. I think it is a good idea to send things/letters etc. in packages in which you can't see through them.. but it's good you have received it! i sent 2 packages lately and they have disappeared.. :(

    1. ahah thanks :D I really hope it too!

      And indeed, me and my friend agreed on sending packages or very well sealed envelopes next time, so that it will cost the thief more effort to steal, so it will hopefully also act as a deterrent!
      I'm sorry to hear about your lost packages, it also happened to me in the past, I know how it feels :( postal service is so disappointing sometimes!