Monday, 6 February 2012

Moleskine Monday #1

Today's pages in my altered art journal, are both dedicated to a project i'm working on with a friend.

"snail mail"
"Snail mail makes me happy" - mixed medias.
Pretty self-explanatory page: I've always been into snail mail, and receiving and sending letters makes me happy like only a very other few things do. During my second year of middle school, since I was fluent enough in english to be able to write a whole letter, I started having many penpals all over the world. One of those, a girl from Canada, is still currently my pen pal, and I consider her one of my best friends, even if we've never met. We've been writing to each other for 9 years and I'm pretty sure I can claim to know her better than many of my "real life" friends, and the same is for her. Apart from her, for a reason or another I've lost contacts with all the others, and only recently I've started looking for new people to exchange letters with.

"brain storming"
"Late night brainstorming gives me the best (and worst) ideas" - mixed medias.
Once again, a page that doesn't need too much explanation. I've find out that even if I try to avoid it, all my best (and worst) ideas, always cross my mind when I'm supposed to be asleep, and therefore when I don't have the chance to write them down. Most of the times, by the time that I wake up, I've forgot them all. Unfortunately, the bad ideas remains -almost- always perfectly clear, instead.

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