Monday, 20 February 2012

Mail Day

The postal service here in my country was suspended for a week, I don't really know why, maybe because of the awful weather, but anyway..  today I received a bunch of cool letters!

The first one, is from Jessica; We arranged a swap a while ago and I send her one of my handmade cards, that's what she sent me in return:

A very nice manga-style drawing, a postcard of Barcelona, and a lovely pin! (I remeber I had a backpack with those dolls on it when I was I kid (: )
The second letter is a surprise from Khris, and it includes a card with a very inspirational quote (which is going straight to my pinboard!), and the lyrics of a song I've listened today for the first time but liked it very much.

Another letter, is actually from Postcrossing and the sender didn't signed it, but it's lovely nonetheless.

Last but not least at all, I received Leah's page for the Swap Season and I'm very impressed. It's so beautiful and colorful! :D Can't wait to glue it in my journal!

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