Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cute Finds III

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna share with you some of the things I've bought lately.
While I was in Paris, there were many, many cute shops where I would have loved to go on a shopping spree, but as I've said many times, the prices were too high for my budget.
Anyway, I do managed to get some cute things anyway ☺
As I wrote in my previous post, while visiting the LaFayette galleries, we stumbled upon a PaperChase stand. My boyfriend patiently waited a good 40 minutes for me to decide what to get without spending a fortune, and this is what I got:
➽ a set of stamp shaped postcards with the cutest illustrations:
➽ a scrapbook with black pages and a gorgeous Asian themed cover:

 ➽ a silly panda pen, because who doesn't need silly pens? And a gorgeous lined notebook (which isn't actually from PaperChase, but I don't remember where I got it!):

➽ some supplies~ sticker letters, silly stickers (chosen by my boyfriend) and a beautiful cardboard postcard:
Keeping up with the stationery theme, while visiting Shakespeare & Company, I couldn't miss their glorious notebook, so I got one!
Last thing I got of this kind, is actually a birthday gift from my boyfriend, and it's this lovely kokeshi dolls notecard set:
Now, on to some more miscellaneous things!
Still while at the LaFayette galleries, I got those two cute boxes:
I'm a sucker for little containers, and these were too cute to ignore!
As I wrote before, when I met up with my friend Terah, she brought me to a fabric store, and since I can't saw, I only got three very cure ribbons I'll be using to decorate my smashbook* and letters:
As of lately, I've found myself being a tote bag kind of person more than I thought, and one other random purchase, was in fact this *very well photographed* tote from the Museum of Everything.The quality is not that great to be honest, but I was so in love with the illustration that I just had to have it.
Lastly, and probably the most expensive thing I've bought in a while, is this La Sardina Moonassi Whisper Ed. that I've gifted to myself for my birthday.
As I love analog photography, I brought with me in Paris only my 35mm camera, and as much as the results with an actual camera are supposed to be better quality, I had surely more fun snapping away with this beauty, without a care about ISO, exposure, and focus ☺

And that's it for my most recent purchases. Have you bought anything interesting lately? I'd love to know!

Have a nice day,


  1. Great finds!I love the old style note book & the stamp postcards, it is so adorable! ♥♥

  2. So many awesome stuffs and they're all pretty and vintage. I love em :)

  3. You came across some great stationery goods! I especially love the kokeshi dolls. So pretty.

  4. <3_<3 super cute stuff! I'm obssessed with the tote bags and notebooks and these looks great, the design is really cool, also the postcard stamps are a great idea...

  5. Everything you purchased is great!I love those little containers, stamp shaped cards and Shakespeare and company notebook. I haven't purchased anything lately except a few novels.

  6. Love the fan covered notebook!

  7. oh men! i live in Paris, and next time , if you interested I can give you some addresses there you can find a real treasure!

  8. oh men! i live in Paris, and next time , if you interested I can give you some addresses there you can find a real treasure!

  9. hi fab :D i have a lot to say about this post lol ^-^

    1) the scrapbook, i have one that has black pages too but i've always kept it aside because the gel pens never work for me and i don't know how to write on it. i have some metallic paint pens but then they seep through :( i don't want to have to paste other paper on top of the pages to be able to write :|
    2) what are you going to use the shakespeare notebook for?
    3) the box for the note card set is SO cute!!! and the little note cards. i just love them, they remind me of the perfume bottles gwen steffani made for her harikijuki perfume
    4) i LOVE that you got the sardina camera. i used to always be on the lomography site and i remember when they first made that camera i was so amazed by it but i never got it because of the price, and, i thought it needed to be on like a panarama spinner type of tripod to take photos, so i never wanted it. i do like that it has the two winders because i'm sure that works wonders for double exposure photos!!! EEEE i hope you have fun with it. a store here called urbanoutfitters has the sardina the one w. the astronomy and constellations, it's cute but i don't know......

  10. The design of your Sardina is so lovely! And I love all the stationary-related goodies also. :-)

  11. such pretty finds. And I love your La Sardina :)

  12. The stamp shaped postcards are awesomeeeeee!