Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mail Update, finally!

Hi guys! Long time no see, uh? I'm back in the mood for blogging, but this time I'll go straight to the point, showing you what I sent and received lately, as I've missed this kind of posts c:

So, as some of you may know, it was my birthday back in March and I received lots of birthday mail from my lovely penpals ♥ (some of the letters are not shown as I didn't have pictures of them on my computer, but I'll post them in the next post for sure!)

I received a gorgeous card from Thea while she was in the UK, look how pretty! And I just love how it says: "Fab Friend" on the top left corner :3
I received an awesome package from Kelly in Canada:

Everything is so gorgeous, and being a big fan of deer, I can't help but loving the notebook and the card! Also.. the milk candies she sent me lasted just the time for the picture, they were delicious!
Then I got mail from Ankita in India:
with her sweet letter she sent me a wooden postcard (so cool!) and some cute sticky notes!

I also got a package full of awesomeness from Elisse in Belgium:
She surprised me with some amazing handmade goodies: a garland - which I've put up in my room -, and card with the cutest bunting, and a gorgous totebag (more, and better pictures here on her blog)!
My friend Marisa from California, also sent me a parcel:
She included some stuff for my smashbook*, lots of letters, and the most amazing monogram stamp! ♥
 Miranda from 'the Love Parcel', who was my partner for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, also sent me a fat envelope full of goodies:
 I also received a cute letter & rose petals from Dariya, from Ukraine:
 Lastly, I was finally able to receive something from Andie in Portugal without troubles,
 and it was a beautifully wrapped letter and ephemera ♥

Now on to the outgoings!
I have a lot of letters waiting to be sent, but so far I've been able to send quite a few packages:
They were for Maddie in the UK, Marjolijn in the Neterlands, Nada in Algeria, Thea in Norway, and Dasvini in Malaysia! And also, my contribution to the Love Parcel:
That's it for my quick update! I'm slowly but surely getting back on my feet to keep up with the blog again, I'm very sorry for my absence and the lateness in replying some of the letters, hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon~

Hope you all had a lovely mail day!


  1. Love the garland! I just made myself a few paper ones to hang up around town. :-) I love the way you display your mail for everyone to see. I need to showcase more of the contents IN the envelopes!

  2. Yay, you're back! I've missed your posts, so glad to see you posting again :).

    Love all the birthday mail. Is that a Gorjuss envelope from Ankita? If so, it's amazing! I've never seen envelopes with the designs on. As you may have been able to tell from my birthday package to you, I love Gorjuss :p.

    Glad to see you got lots of birthday love, and I hope you're well! I look forward to your letter :)
    M x

  3. I missed your posts! Welcome back :)

  4. Kelly is also my penpal and I also love what I get from her :D And those garlands from Belgium look so pretty and easy to do! You just gave me an idea, haha ^_^ Btw what a nice handwriting you have!

    Take care and hope you're having a lovely April :) Love,

    Claudia (Cloudydaysandletters)

  5. Aaah Fab I'm so glad you liked it! And so lovely what you received from all your other penpals :) Happy you're back!