Friday, 21 February 2014

Detail: mail from Mexico

I feel really blessed to have many talented friends all over the globe that care to share their wonderful creations with me every now and again! In this particular case, I'm referring to Ely, my awesome penpal from Mexico.
With her letter (all written in spanish, I want to add ♥), she sent me some cards and stickers she designed, and that I quickly fell in love with:
She was also so kind to include a present for my birthday (which is in about 3 weeks, but knowing how slow mail from Mexico reaches me, I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture), which is this dragonfly notebook, that besides being gorgeous, is also made from recycled materials and I don't think it could get better than that!
Last but not least, she included a "city explorer kit" from her trip to Querétaro, and I loved going through all the bits and pieces imagining the places she visited ☺
Thank you so much for your wonderful parcel, Ely. Will write back soon!

What did you receive lately?
Have a great week,


  1. That dragonfly journal is stunning! And the city explorer kit sounds like fun to pick through. ^-^

  2. I'm super glad that you liked everything and that it reaches safely and quickly!! :3 Gracias por las cosas lindas, makes me fell shy n.n

  3. Love the journal! And the entire package looks great!

  4. I love your blog! I also made postcrossing/snailmailing blog few days ago.

  5. What a beautiful package and letter from Ely and I'm thrilled that you two are still writing each other! I really need to get back into writing letters and sending mail! :)