Saturday, 23 March 2013

Back from Paris (part 1)

Bonjour guys! I'm finally (not that I'm completely happy about it) back in Italy from my trip to Paris. We actually came back on the 19th but I was busy catching up with Uni and re-painting my room (my stuff is currently still in boxes so if you're waiting for a letter from me, please be patient a little longer :c) that I barely had the time for anything else.
Anyway, I'm here now, and I'd like to share some snippets of my holiday with you ☺

First off, our trip didn't start with the right foot at all. Our flight was due at 2PM of the 12th, but once at the airport we were told that it had a 2 hours delay due to the snowstorm happening in Paris.
A two hours delay was a real bummer, we had a lot of stuff planned for the afternoon since we would have landed at about 5PM and had the whole afternoon free, but at least our flight wasn't cancelled as some others flights departing from the Orly Airport.
After two hours our plane wasn't ready yet.. and long story short, after 8 hours waiting at the airport, we finally left for Paris and landed safely despite the snowstorm at 10PM.

You can't really see from these pictures but the snow was a LOT and it snowed all night.
Anyway, as it wasn't enough already, the bus we ere supposed to take from the airport to the city centre was suspended and we didn't really know what to. Luckily enough we stumbled into two Italians and grouped with them and decided to split the taxi fare (apparently 80€) to get into the city centre together. BUT, surprise: there was a (not exaggerating) two hundred people queue to take a taxi, because most of theme got stuck somewhere because the snow, so we (since we were freezing and were so, so tired), decided to try and see if the RER (the train) was operative and could have taken us to a less deserted place. I'll save you our panic attacks and breakdowns, but just know what the RER wasn't working either and that the snow was starting to fall heavier, the Italian girl that was with us fainted, and a policeman basically told us we would have had to sleep at the train station because there would have been no trains until the next day.. In the meanwhile it was 2AM and we, as I said, were knee deep in s***, and decided to head at the airport to at least keep ourselves warm.
A split second before we stepped foot inside, we heard a man screaming that he had 6 spots in his car and that he was willing to drive anyone to their hotel for 20€. You bet we launched ourselves inside this man's car, without a care if it was illegal and for the price, because we could barely stand still at that point. Everything turned out good, luckily. This man was really nice and drove us right in front of our hotel and definitely saved us from an horrible night and the chance to lose our reservation at the hotel; so Merci Monsieur, whoever you were!
(Ok, sorry for the very long intro, but it was necessary! Go ahead for more pics and less blahblah~)

Day 1, March 13th~
Pics: our "view" from the hotel room. It wasn't panoramic, but I love Parisian architecture so it was good enough for me! ~ The snow!
After a super delicious breakfast at Starbucks, we headed to the Arc de Triomphe,
and just had fun roaming and looking around, as everything looked so pretty to us!
Pics: cool shops!
We then had lunch in a lovely bistro and then still roamed around for a while. We got back in the hotel for a quick nap, and then got ready to head to a concert, yes, a concert! Before we left for Paris (literally the day before) we found out online that there would have been a concert of one artist we really like, and we couldn't miss the chance, could we?
So we headed towards the Grand Halle of the Villette to enjoy Amon Tobin's visual show (that you can watch here if interested - it's cool, trust me!).

Day 2, March 14th (aka my Bday!)~
Since it was my birthday, my boyfriend let me decided all the activities for the day ♥
After another yummy breakfast at Starbucks, we headed towards the rive gauche, getting a beautiful view of the river Seine and Notre Dame, and crossing the Pont Neuf.
Our first stop was Shakespeare & Company (of course!). It wasn't allowed to take pictures inside.. but I may have snapped a couple anyway because.. can you blame me?! It was so pretty ♥
There was a wall covered in notes left from all the visitors from every corner of the world, with inspiring quotes, personal notes or facts about the day, and we probably spent a good half an hour trying to read them all. Moreover, there was another little hidden corner for you to let your inner writer go wild, with a working (even tho without ink) typewriter you could use to write another note to leave behind.
It was a real paradise, and luckily we visited it on a Thursday so it wasn't crazily packed of tourists and we were able to really enjoy it!
Next stop, was Notre Dame, obviously, as it's just opposite to the bookstore.
Gothic architecture is my favourite, so don't ask me to describe the cathedral because I'd be too overwhelmed by its beauty to articulate a phrase.
Later on, we recovered our strength eating some bagels (our new favourite food!!) in a New York style kind of place.
Soon after, we were on our way to the Louvre!
Beyeren / Monet
This place was as amazing as complex, and we got lost a couple of times despite the map, but it was worth it since we often stumbled upon a great piece of art. We obviously went to see the Mona Lisa too, but to be completely honest with you, it's not worth the hype.
Don't get me wrong, the painting itself is gorgeous, and I dare anyone not to be fascinated with it; but maybe because of the HUGE pack of people perpetually in front of it snapping pictures, pushing and shouting, you're not able to enjoy the view as much as you should/would.

Incredibly tired, we got back at our hotel and my boyfriend threw me a surprise party (LOL!) and even got me cake (apple pie, my fave) with candles! After our little party, we ended up the celebrations at the Hard Rock Cafè, getting tipsy on Margaritas and beer and enjoying the ever so delicious California Burger. Best birthday ever? I'd say so!
(On a side note, I'm gonna post soon about what my boyfriend got me for my birthday, because besides the plane ticket for Paris, he also got me another awesome, to say the least, cadeaux ♥ )

This post is incredibly long.. and it's only about the first two and a half days.. so I'll be making another one soon, and hope you won't mind reading about my little travel adventure ☺
Thank you so much for reading so far, and thank you for all the birthday wishes I received even tho I was away!

What was your best birthday celebration?
Have a wonderful day,


  1. I had no idea it was your birthday! Happy late birthday!

  2. fab all the photos are amazing. i'm bookmarking them and i'm about to put them on tumblr w. your blog as credit and i know i'm going to make one of them my wallpaper for my desktop because the image file is big enough >.> i'm really jealous of your trip! i love parisian architecture, i hope you took photos of paris too with la sardina and if you did...please send one!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Oh Paris, I really want to go there someday <3
    Happy belated birthday :)

  4. Paris is one of my favorite cities and I am eager to read your next post about the trip

  5. Aaaah Fab, what a crazy adventure! Fortunately it turned out to be okay, and you seem to have had an amazing trip :) I'm looking forward to read/see the rest of your trip!

  6. MOAARRR :D ♥ !!
    So glad you had a ball of a time in Paris! & how very lovely of your boyfriend! :) Please take your time with the replies if you have to! We'll wait patiently for your ever amazing letter! x

  7. How cool! I love it that you got to go to Paris for your BDAY! I can't wait to see more photos and read about the rest of your trip!

  8. How nice was your Paris trip, Fab! Thank you for sharing your time there with us. I was secretly hoping you would, too. I've been to France a handful of times, but can you believe I've never been to Paris yet?? I need to get on it.

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