Sunday, 10 March 2013

smash sunday: packaging inspiration

Don't you just love wrapping presents? I really do! I'm the family member in charge for present wrapping during Christmas, and I always enjoy picking up pretty wrapping paper, ribbons and what not; But it doesn't have to be Christmas to beautifully wrap a present, right? So today I'm going to share a bit of packaging inspiration featuring some lovely people that joined my swap

1.  Bright coloured tissue paper: you can't go wrong with that, especially if you tie a pretty tag with thread around it!

pic © jolien

2. Themed paper: I love how Katri used a map to wrap her City Explorer Kit, it's a subtle way to suggest the content of the package without taking away the surprise effect!

photo © Katri
 3. Washi tape: you can turn a simple envelope into something extra special just layering different patterns of tape like Natalie did!

photo © Natalie
 4. Craft paper: you can't go wrong with craft paper either! It's so versatile and can be decorated in many ways. I love how Angie embellished it with a gorgeous ribbon, simple but of great impact:

photo © Angie
 5. Mixed medias: Andie went on a wrapping frenzy for her package and hers it's one of my absolute faves. She used paint, stamps, collages and extra large tags, proof that you can really indulge on wrapping without making it look "too much":

photo © Andie
 6. Stamps: here's another way to embellish craft paper: stamp it again and again and create your own pattern!

photo © Samrana
Which one is your fave? ☺

Have a nice day,


  1. I love the ones where people used Washi Tape, there were some amazing ones when browsing Instagram that I couldn't then leave mine plain.

  2. Awww so bummed that I did not participate in this secret pen pal swap :( These are awesome looking packages!

  3. i love all of the photos fab. i think it's a good idea to use tissue paper, i want to buy different colors but i can't find it cheap anywhere :(

    after the end of march i'm going to engross myself in my blog <333, i've also been really thinking about getting a new wtj but idk because i have that new mini smash book

  4. these are all so pretty! I can't choose a favourite!

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