Thursday, 7 March 2013

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt reveal day part 2

Hi guys! Finally my partner for the SPSH received her package and I'm able to reveal who she was and show you what I sent her!
I got Miranda from The Love Parcel as my partner, was I excited? Yes, you bet! As I told her, I always wanted to send her something for her project but eventually never did, so it was nice to get in touch with her thanks to my swap.

The secret list was the following and we had to find/craft 5 out of the following 10 objects:
the City Explorer's Kit: take a day off and collect little things of your city for your partner. Can include, but not limited to: maps, flowers & leaves, postcards, tiny souvenirs, photos, interesting newspaper's clippings & pamphlets, etc  - just don't grab a bunch of random junk within arm's reach, put some effort in it;
 Something that represent you: for example - are you an artist? Send your partner a little painting. Do you love to knit? Send your partner a hat.. and so on;
 A mix CD with your favorite tunes. (Pro Tip: create a cover for it);
 the Postal Freak's Kit: Can include, but not limited to: postal goodies such as address labels, used stamps, envelopes, stationery etc.
 the Bad Day Survival Kit: assemble a kit of nice things that may help your partner to feel better when they're having a bad day. (Ideas: your favorite candy, a poem/story, bubble bath, a list of  happy songs/movies etc);
 Something you can wear;
 Something not square or rectangular;
 Something shiny;
 Something with animal(s) on it;
 Something seasonal;

+ extra from the list, a gift(s) for your partner that you'll have to buy based on their preferences. The minimum spending/value is about 3€/4$/2.50£
For her I picked the Bad Day Survival Kit, which inccluded: coffee, sugar, a chocolate, a colorful bandaid, some heart charms, a bubble bath, emergency confetty and an handcarved stamp, which was more of a prompt for a crafty project then else:

A mix CD, which I forgot to photograph before wrapping it up:
Something shiny: a bag of chocolate coins, a necklace and some buttons:
Something seasonal: floral socks
And something about me, a set of my postcards:
For thse gifts, she asked for stationery or trinckets, and I got her a bit of both:
I also included some extras, a sort ot mini Postal Freak's Kit:
and of course, my letter, which I tryed to make it look like an old map *so clever*
You can see better pictures on her blog > here

Now that the list has been made public, even if you haven't joined that round, please take a second to let me know your opinions on it:

Have a lovely mail day!


  1. Aww, I love all of the pretty little parcels you sent! :)

  2. <3_<3 I can't choose something that I like because I love every single thing!

  3. Ah this is the most wonderful thing I think I've ever seen! I've just discovered your blog, and I love it!
    I'd love to get involved with this penpal thing somehow!

  4. Wow!! Your parcel was wonderful! Great touch on your letter. The burnt edges look so cool!

  5. Obviously I adore the idea of emergency confetti.

  6. Wow what a lovely parcel! I love everything in it!

  7. Well, I just have to say that upon looking all these lovelies, I almost regret not being part of it. D:
    That said, I absolutely love how you put everything together!♥♥ You know what,I think everyone did such a terrific job, in fact I would love to be the person receiving ALL that was sent out in this amazing swap. I can be so greedy. Tut tut tut. XD

  8. Oooh waw, you put a lot of effort in this package! You can definitely tell. I'm curious about the songs on the mixtape, so share some of your music tips with us maybe? :-)

  9. i love all of this fab, THESE package swaps are really giving me inspiration and motivation <3