Monday, 18 March 2013

Inspiring People: Flow Magazine

Welcome to another inspirational post;
Today I want to introduce you to Flow Magazine, a Dutch magazine for paper lovers that recently launched their first International edition (that I, of course, grabbed as soon as I found it out).

I can't genuinely find appropriate words to express how much I needed an English version of this magazine. I've been admiring the Dutch version for a while and - I'm not exaggerating - it made me want to learn Dutch just so that I could read it!

I really love the honesty of the subtitle "for paper lovers", because that's what it really is.
It brims with inspiration for crafts, interesting stories, sources for supplies online (there's a section that features Etsy shops too!), and of course, it's filled with gorgeous photographs and images.
But it's more than a magazine, broadly speaking. Every issue features different free contents, and in this first international one, there were awesome illustrations for you to colour:
pretty wrapping papers (or posters, if you fancy):
they're also two-faced, with a different design, so double fun!!
And last but not least, a notebook with crafty ideas by the Japanese artist Papakaori:
The price is about 15€ (incl. shipping) and it's SO worth it. I assure you that you won't ready it in just a day - I mean, you could do it, just  like I did, but you'll keep coming to it to read it over and over again, or even if you just need to look at pretty things for inspiration.

Make sure to check it out, and be inspired!

Do you have a favourite magazine?



  1. Did you see this ? This one is translated in English ! :

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking for a "paper magazine", but where I live there isn't so many. And I found out that they sell Flow in a kiosk in my hometown. And even greater that it's available online! Thanks :)

  3. wow! I really need this! My favorite magazine so far is called Picnic, it's a mexican magazine of design, weird, inspirational and super original :3

  4. YEAH! I love Flow too! (i got it for my birthday from my sweet mum)

  5. I really want to buy this magazine!! But it is not sold in Indonesia and i dont have credit card :((

  6. Thank you for sharing!!!I just bought my own copy and I can't wait for the delivery now...

  7. Thanks for this article. I found out that this magazine is going to be sold in Finland too, hope its going to be in my hometown middle of the country and not only in maintown Helsinki.

  8. OH I forgot - my favorit magazines are from Great Britain; Cardmaking & Papercraft, Simply Simply Cards & Papercraft and Taika from Finland (in english its called "Magic"). :)