Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lettermo May week #4

Hello my dear penpallers!
Is May being kind with you? With me, not really. I've been sick for two weeks now, and as it wasn't enough I have exams to do at Uni.. I had an hard time keeping up with you all, so I'm sorry if you're still waiting for a reply or a letter from me, but the odds haven't been in my favours lately.
However I'm eventually feeling slightly better so I should have all the due letters sent by the end of the month!

For those reasons, I also don't have much photographic material to show you, because I forgot/was too tired to take pictures everyday.

Anyway let me show you the few pictures I took:

On Monday I sent this letter for Meredith in Mexico. We sent each other stickers, handmade cards, postcards, stamps etc :)

Those three letters were sent on Tuesday, and they're all for swaps on swap-bot (I'm kind of addicted to it..). By the way, let me know if it would be a good idea to actually show what I send for the swaps.. perhaps it would be more interesting?

Thursday, was the turn of Marjolijn's letter. She is one of those girls that sent me a letter but never arrived. I still don't understand what happened back in April when there were two weeks during which the mail was sort of sucked in by a black hole. Anyway, if this letter reaches her, she'd be my penpal from the Netherlands!! :D

Today, coming back home from Uni, I sent out 4 more letters to: Lauren in the UK (which apparently hasn't received my first one), Jojo in the Philippines, Julia in Germany, and one to the USA for a swap (another one?! yes.. I know.)

This is all for me for this week's outgoing mail! Hopefully next week I'll feel better and complete the lettermo with no stress u_u


  1. I wish the best for you! I'm a bit curious about the swaps and maybe you can show us someday what you send ^^

    1. Thank you Ria :3 I'll be posting pictures of the swap next time, then! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! :D Hopefully it won't take too long.