Thursday, 10 May 2012

shop sales!

Hi guys, just for one week all the items in my shop are 40% off! If you're looking for cute cards to send to your pen pals you might want to take a look :)
    wreckthisgirl's shop
 I'm also selling this handpainted mini journal:
specs: 70 blank pages, approx 12x16cm
the lighting in my room is awful, so the colors might be slightly different from what you see in the pictures.

The price is 5.80€ + free shipping in Europe or 7€ including shipping for every other country.
You'll also receive a free goodie with it :)
If you're interested send me an email and I'll put a custom listing in my shop for you.

There are also those two collage packs for sale:

They're available in two measures: mini (20 pieces of vintage italian ephemera, illustrations, stamps etc.) or standard (40 pieces).
Prizes: mini - 3.50 + free shipping for Europe / 4€ incl. shipping for every other country.
            standard - 5.50 +  free shipping for Europe / 6€ incl. shipping for every other country.
They olso come with a free goodie ;)
As for the other item, if you're interested, drop me an email!


  1. I really love the collage kit idea! I think a lot of people should sell theses. :-)

    1. Thanks :3 I used to buy them a while ago, but then I accumulated so much paper that I don't know what to do with it anymore xD

  2. The journal is really cute, I'm sure it'll be snapped up soon!

    Also, I kept looking at those stamps in your shop and umming and aahing so the 40% off was just too tempting :) Can't wait to add them to my collection. The collage kits look really cute, you should try them on Etsy, I expect they'd sell really well on there.

    Hope you're going to post pictures of more outgoing letters soon, I'm looking forward to spotting my name on an envelope :p.

    1. I have the feeling that you'll spot it soon :D
      Thanks for buying the stamps, I'm really glad that they found a new home in another collector's house c: