Saturday, 5 May 2012

bunnies in my mailbox

Contrary to last week, this one was quite good in terms of incoming mail. However, some letters are still missing who knows where, and it really pisses me off, but I still want to believe that they'll arrive sooner or later.

This week I've found quite a few surprises in my mailbox. The first was Maggie's letter:

She's a girl from Poland, and I met her because she was one of the first people to request me a letter during my first lettermo. Receiving her reply was quite unexpected, I wrote to her back in March and well, I though she didn't wanted to write back at all. Anyway, her letter was in fact dated 24 March. I mean, are you serious postal service?! One month to deliver a letter from Poland? I receive letters from America that sometimes take just a week to arrive.. but anyway, I'm glad it arrived now!
She was so lovely to send me some little gifts: a pen, some very cute stickers, and a "Keep Calm and Carry On" pin, which will be added right away to my collection :) Oh and you probably can't see it, but as background of her letter, there's a drawing of the pokemon Bulbasaur :3

Then, I received James' letter:

He sent me a very well drawn mini zine, some fun stickers and a notecard :) It was all very appreciated, not to mention the kitty stickers on the envelope!

Now, look at that! It's a Voldemort stamp! I got all excited about this letter just looking at it.
The inside, was anything but disappointing too:

For a swap, Kes sent me this beautiful bunny necklace and a lovely photo-card of her hometown. I love it so much! She also has a lovely shop on etsy where she sells her creations. Check it out: theKestrelAndTheSea.

Another lovely surprise I received for a swap, is this:

Gema from the Netherlands, sent me this super cute bunny-girl brooch! Too bad it arrived broken so I can't wear it :c but it is still lovely nonetheless. She has an online shop too, check it out: dollymix.

I also received another letter from my pen pal Neda from Norway:

she also sent me a typical postcard of her town :)

Last but not least, I've received an envelopes full of treats all the way from Canada, from ceecee.

So many stamps! I'm a little bit freaked out by insects and bugs normally, but I think they look better on stamps :D On a side note, I really envy those countries which have low denomination stamps. Here in Italy, the lowest we have is 0.60€, which means I could never "decorate" an envie with stamps, like that :c
Anyway, that's what was inside:

a notecard, some of her photos, and more pretty Canadian stamps :)

That's all from me for this week! What did you receive instead? :)


  1. I live in England and I have NEVER seen a Voldermort stamp, man I am so jealous right now! that stamp is awesome!

    1. I didn't know they existed either! I guess I was pretty lucky to receive it on an envelope :) Anyway you should ask about them the next time you go at the post office, I'm sure that if they have it, the whole set would be even more awesome!! :D

    2. Hi,
      I'm Kes who sent you that package with a Voldermort stamp!

      It was from a set issued last year, called 'Magical Realms'.
      The set had 2 Harry Potter stamps (Voldermort & Dumbledore), and also 2 characters from Arthurian legends (Merlin & Morgan Le Fay), two from the Narnia books, and two from Terry Pratchett's discworld novels...
      It was a very cool set of stamp, but sadly I don't have any more left. :-(

      Glad you liked the necklace!


  2. oh you already have a Polish penpal!! I thought I was special hahaha :D what a shame! :D I really hope your letter will arrive soon!! :D

    1. Ahah, no! Actually, you're my only pen pal from Poland :) With that girl I just exchanged a letter this one time only, so yes, you are special u_u
      I hope my letter will arrive soon too! :)
      xx Fab