Wednesday, 16 May 2012

lettermo May week #3

Hello you guys!
How are you doing? I'm super busy with Uni, and keeping up with the letter writing is going to be a problem this month! But so far so good, I'm still on schedule :)
Here's the letters I've sent out, and I will send, this week:

The first letter went out for Madeline in the UK. I actually cheated a little bit with it since I posted it on friday u_u However since the post office doesn't send out letters in the weekend, it's like I've posted it on monday anyway!

Yesterday's letter was for Kasturi in Malaysia! This letter is actually for a swap, so I'm not sure if she'll be interested in being penpal too, but I hope for the best :)

Today, I've sent a letter to Ria, which requested one for the LetterMo. I really love the envelope I used! (& I hope she'll like it too..) I made it out of a page from a vintage fairy tales book.

Tomorrow will be the turn for some octopus mailart for Sarah in the US.

this is the front of the envie
I think the octopuses turned out quite nice, although I know I colour like a fifth grader when it comes to pencils :c
I mean, look at the sand! Anyway before I send it out, I'll surely fix it somehow, I'm too ashamed of sending it as it is now, lol.

Lastly, the letter I'll be sending on Friday is for Sara in Portugal, and she also requested it for the LetterMo:

That's all from me for now! Did you guys sent anything this week? :3


  1. Oooh your octopus envelope is such a cute and clever idea! Very imaginative. ^___^

  2. Lovveee that octopus themed envelope. So great!
    Are your post offices closed the entire weekend? I'm always curious what other country's postal schedules are like.

    1. Thanks! (:
      Oh well, I didn't explain it very well in post, but the post offices are actually open on friday and saturday. However they don't forward correspondence after 4PM on fridays, and on saturdays they just allow other operations (like payments etc).

  3. Woaah, the envelope is gorgeous! And like always, your letters look so creative :) Ria

    1. I'm glad you like it!! :3 I hope it will arrive soon to you.

  4. Tee hee, so happy to see my name up there! It was definitely one of the loveliest letters I've ever recieved :).
    Love the envelope art, by the way - so creative! I can never think of anything to draw (nor do I have an drawing abilities) so I just rely on stamps and coloured ink pads to prettify... But your envelopes made from book pages are definitely the cutest :)
    M x

    1. I'm incredibly happy that you enjoyed the letter :3
      Also, thank you for the compliment! I'll make sure to send you the next letter (hopefully, you want another one? ahah xD) in one of the handmade envelopes then :)

    2. I certainly did enjoy it, I'm very happy you enjoyed yours too :).
      And I'd love to recieve my next letter in one of your handmade envelopes, that'd just make my day! :)

  5. Ok, let's be real, your envelopes are just awesome. So awesome that I probably wouldn't want to open it.

    Ok I really WOULD want to open it, but it would be hard to rip open that sweet envelope!!

    1. Thanks for all the nice comments :D
      I do what I can on the envelopes, it's nice to know you like them :)

  6. Fabrizia, did you received my letter ? I sent it one month ago.
    Tell me ;-)
    Happy Christmas !