Tuesday, 1 May 2012

commissions: open + request a letter May

Hi guys, I apologise for this post that will be a shameless self-promotion, but if I want to keep my letter project going, I need funds. That's why I decided to start working on commissions. Here's a list of the available things:

The custom blog graphic includes five items: header, social buttons, blog button, two sidebar elements. You can also replace the items to your likings (example: if you don't want two sidebar elements, you can ask for 2 blog buttons etc).
You will receive large png files, easy to resize according to your needs.

stationery sample.
Custom stationery order is comprehensive of two different sheet with the same graphic, arranged in different ways. (example: you can request one page to be lined, and one to be blank; two lined pages, one with the design on top, one with the semi-transparent design in the corner.. and so on)
You will receive two pdf files, one in A4 format and one in A5 format.

label samples.
Address labels will be two pieces. The label design will be the same, while you can choose a different graphic for each of them.
You will receive two pdf files, one in A4 format with 8 labels and one in A5 format with 4 labels.

Lastly, the printable set, includes both the stationery and labels.

How it works: if you're interested in buying one of those things, send me an email here, telling me in which product you're interested, what kind of design you want etc. so that we'll talk about it, and I'll see if I can satisfy your requests.
You won't have to pay for the whole order before it is complete, but only -approximately- a third of the final price (it means: 1.60€ for the blog graphic, 3.50€ for stationery, 2€ for labels, and 4.60€ for the set). I'll be putting a custom listing for you in my shop and you'll be able to pay via PayPal.
Once the order is complete, I'll send you two previews from which you can choose, and only then, you'll have to deposit the remaining sum (again via a custom listing on my shop).
~ The prices are pretty much the same you would spend in a shop for a set. However those would be unique and fully personalized, not to mention that you'll be able to use them countless times.
Please notice: If you happen not to like the previews I'll show you and decide not to buy them, the deposit will not be refunded. However, I'll make sure I've understood perfectly what you need, send you drafts etc, so that it will be very unlikely to happen.
Also, take a look at the sample I've put in this post to have an idea of "my style". You can also check my portfolio to see more of my works.

Of course, since every order is custom, after you buy it all the rights on the objects will be yours and I won't redistribute them in any way.

If you have any question or if you want to place an order, please send me an email here.
To help me out, you can also purchase something from my søciety6 or bigcartel shop!

Now, that said, I'm launching the last (?) call for letter requests. Follow this link to request your letter. This time, for the above mentioned reason, I'll accept only 7 requests. Read here for the general rules of the project. If you'll be among the first 7 people who will enter their name in the form, you'll receive a confirmation message/email. If you don't, it means it was too late, but hopefully I'll manage something to keep the project still going :)


  1. I posted you a letter this morning Fab! :) And I spoke to the post office lady about when I post you a parcel, if there is a safer way to get it sent and make sure it arrives. She said the best I could do is send it recorded delivery for which you'd have to sign for! So at least I have a bit of info for next time xo

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