Monday, 30 April 2012

another lettermo is over.

Hello everyone! This is my favourite time of the month, when I can see the big picture of what I've done during the whole month :)
Since I love graphs -especially pie ones- here's the one for April:

As you can see, the outgoing letters has been way more than the incoming ones, and also more than the monthly goal for the lettermo (about > 10 letters ).
Anyway, it's fine. I enjoyed my fourteen letters :) and of course I enjoyed writing all the 34 I've sent out.
If you've read my last post about outgoing letters, you might know that I was late with the deadline of this lettermo and still had to post those ten letters.
Today (which means I'm still in time for the April lettermo, YAY!), I've rushed at the post office, and sent out all the remaining envelopes.
Check them out :)

For: Maggie, Katie, Cassandra and Marisa.

For: Marysza, Juliette, Mary, Tamyra, Kelly, and Lisa.

To see every letter in detail go here.

That's all for today! Make sure to check out tomorrow's post if you want to request a letter for May :) There will be only 7 slots available! Also, you still have until tomorrow to join The Correspondance Club, so hurry up!


  1. ohhh!! I love your envelopes!! and omg I was in shock when I saw my name and my country one one of these beauties!!! can't wait to receive it!! and thank you so much for writing it so fast :D yay!! :D

    1. Ahah, I enjoyed writing it :) I hope you'll like it too! Let me know when you receive it :) xx Fab

  2. I got your letter today!! Everyone was telling me that I must have just missed their letter so I went to the post office early. :-) Thank you dear. PS - Add me on Facebook! "the.mary.getaway"

  3. I love that you're such an enthusiastic letter writer, Fab, and the letters you send are beautiful as well! :)