Monday, 23 April 2012

Illustrations & freebies

Hello everyone, how is it going?
My life is boring as usual :D and even though I should spend my days with my nose in my Uni books, I end up doing random stuff at the computer.
This past weekend was pretty (un)productive, and I made a set of 6 notes -
click here to download.
that I'll be using for my snail mail, journaling etc and decided to put a free download link. If guys like them I will post more stuff every once in a while, so let me know! :)


  1. Love those!!! adorable!! This is such a fun blog! Thanks for following the Tumblr- I just set that up so it's mostly reblogs and my photos for now. Following you because these are amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot!! I'm really glad you like them. Thanks also for the follow, it means a lot :) It was a pleasure finding out your blog. It's the kind of blog that I really enjoy!

  2. I love the printables, so cute!

  3. Really lovely printables, thank you! :)