Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lettermo april week #4

Wait what? It's already week 4? It means another month is over - so fast, blargh -. However, I still have a few peeps on my list that requested a letter, that for a reason or another (mostly because of swap-bot though) still have to received their envelope of randomness. So, if you're one of those people, don't worry! The lettermo might be over but I will keep my word anyway :)

Now let's talk about the outgoing letters for this week!
Letter for Mayan, Portugal. The envelope is handmade from a page of a vintage children's book. Inside it, there are quite a few random things, I don't know why Mayan -probably because of what she wrote when requesting a letter- gave me the impression of being the kind of person that might have enjoyed an envelope of weird stuff, so yeah. Maybe I'm completely wrong and she'll hate. Very likely so.

Letter for Thea, Norway. I had so much fun writing/preparing this letter because she's one of my favourite people on tumblr and wanted to make something special for her! I've also put two nice stamps because she have a Wreck This Journal too, and they might be a good addition to her stamps page :)

My reply to my pen pal Steffi from Germany. Which I hope she will receive in time before leaving for a trip in Paris (lucky her, I'd say!).

My reply to Sylvia, from Greece, one of my newest pen pals!

Another handmade envelope, this time for Getter, from Estonia. This is the first letter I send her, and hopefully not the last :)

I still have 7 letters to send, plus uncountable swaps. This month has been very very intense.
Just so you know, the remaining letters are for: Katie J, Maggie, Tamyra, Sasha, Marisa, and Lisa (not counting my pen pals!) Next week I hope to send three/four letters a day, so that I can squeeze all of them into April.
Anyway, that's all for now. If you've received something for me please let me know!
Oh, and if you haven't seen them yet, check out my freebies here.


  1. beautiful envelopes!!! I always use simple white or creamy ones but you inspired me to make something different:D

    1. Thanks! :D With your talent I'm sure your envelope will be amazing! Oh, and knowing that I inspired you, made me blush all over ahah

  2. Just found your blog on the do something good link up and I'm just barely getting around to checking it out. Love this idea of sending letters- you are so ambitious to do it! What an incredible experience, too, to receive letters from all over the world! Love love LOVE it!

    new follower :)

    1. Thank you very much for the lovely comment :) I'll be more than glad to follow your blog too!

  3. Wow so you are sending mail to people all over the world? Love the envelopes :)

    1. Thanks, and exactly, yes :) Every month I allow 10/15 people to request a letter, and then during the month I send something in their mailbox to (try to) make them happy :)

  4. Yaaaay a new blog to follow!! :D

  5. Hey there! Thanks for following my little blog! Lovely blog you have here too! :) I love the Italian stamps! They are so beautiful.