Friday, 20 April 2012

lettermo april week #3

Hello you guys, three posts in raw this week, that's not really my thing! :D
As the title says, week 3 of the lettermo is completed. Unfortunately I haven't been at home until today so I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the letter I sent. From monday to today, they were for: Roxana, Nicola, Katrina, Mette, and my reply to Mary.

This week I've been quite busy with Uni and studying, but today we took a day off, and especially at night, I had the time to work on a few things such as keeping up with the letter requests, drawing a bit and experimenting with crafts!

Today, we went at the mall for some spring/summer clothing shopping, even if the weather here is being terrible lately. Surprisingly, I bought quite a few things and I found myself liking the pale mint color a lot.. maybe too much. (This is weird because I mostly wear only black/gray/white
We also had the chance to finally buy some macarons again! They're a little bit pricy but so worthy.

I bought 8 macarons in total, in four different flavors: pistachio, raspberry, violet and, dark chocolate.
So far, my favorite are the pistachio ones *drools*.

While at the mall, my boyfriend bought me a little gift :3

this lovely typewriter necklace <3

Speaking of the crafty things I did lately instead, inspired by the incredibly talented marysza, I made my first handmade journal :D
It has nothing in common with hers, which are awesome quality.. but I did my best to make it look at least cute:
I used some scrap cardboard, and my birthday presents wrapping paper for the cover, while all the pages are made with scrap thick wrapping paper I found at home.
I overall like it how it turned out, even if I made some stupid mistakes such as putting too much glue that wrinkled the pages a little. It's still a WIP but to be a first try, I don't think it's too bad :D what do you guys think?


  1. oh it is sooo cute!! I love it! It really looks great for the first time!! Don't worry about glue.. I sometimes still glue everything arround me even my journals.. and then of course I can't sell them and I just keep them for myself;p

    I would love to try macarons.. I can't buy them here in Poland (well maybe they are somewhere - I haven't searched everywhere!!)

    ohh and that necklace.. AMAZING!!! :D

    1. Thank you very much! It means a lot coming from you :) After I complete this, I'll definitely try again, and hopefully it will turn out better ahah!
      I have troubles finding the right supplies here, we don't have a lot of crafts shops and similar :(

      Anyway I had difficulty finding a shop that sells macarons here too, I'm sure they sell them somewhere in Poland as well!

      xx Fab

  2. I'm going to check my PO Box tomorrow and I hope your letter is there! Can't wait. :-)

  3. OMG! I am dying to try a Macrons!!!