Saturday, 25 August 2012

feathers in my mailbox

Hello guys!
How was your mail week? Mine, with all the mail I got last week, was predictably pretty meagre, but surely not less great.

I received a letter from Thea in Norway:

Besides the awesome cat stationery she used, and the pineapple tea which I'm really excited to try, she sent me the loveliest card, which will soon find its place in my SMASH.

Isn't it cute? Then I received a letter from Emily in Alaska, which as usual, sent me a lot of nice things:

She included some blank postcards that I'm surely going to use, I already have some ideas in mind, some cutouts, two tiny map envelopes, and two feathers. She didn't mention to which bird they belong but I'm guessing a seagull maybe? I don't really know.. anyway, the awesome thing about it, is that I have a journal where I keep found feathers, and this is the perfect place for those that Emily sent me.

I got this leather journal in Camden Town, last summer when I visited London, and since Hyde Park was full of colourful feathers, I decided to keep them somewhere, and this little journal was just great for the purpose, and I'm really glad to enlarge my collection :)

I also received a letter from Sophia, but my camera's battery died in the process of snapping it, so no picture for now!

Thank you girls! That's all for this week. What do you collect?
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Your mail week is still far more exciting than mine, although I did get some Spanish stamps I bought on eBay. Looking forward to your letter arriving though :).

    Hmm, collecting, that's a toughie. As you already know, I'm a bit of an obsessive. I collect buttons (off-the-clothing kind and pin back badges), kinder egg toys, postage stamps and coins. In particular at the moment I'm collecting the special 50p coins that have been produced with olympic sports on. I'm over halfway there, with 16 out of 29. I even got the special album the Royal Mint produced for those of us that didn't want to pay £3 for a 50p coin for that wasn't circulated and have to have a different album for the packets to fit in. I'm hardcore, I collect them out of my change :p.

    I also used to collect feathers but since I live in the countryside, there are a lot around and mum complained so I had to throw them out. Still got a peacock one somewhere though.

    That turned into a really long rambling comment, sorry! For those tl;dr: I'm a crazy collector but very cheap about it :p.

    1. Don't apologize! Thanks for sharing :) I used to collect kinder egg toys too! I had three shoe boxes full of them xD I asked my classmates to give me their doubles and I built a super huge collections in just a couple of years, ahah.

    2. I cleared my room out a while ago and threw out over 40 kinder egg toys that were either doubles or that I didn't like. I still have masses though. But I've never managed to get a full collection of one series, I obviously need to try harder! :p

  2. Hopefully you'll get mine soon!! xo

  3. I like that your mails are always full of lovely surprises and stationery, I was lucky enough to have received some nice letters this month which has really brought me some joy :) Although your letter has yet to arrive in my mailbox (Curses!), which I find most strange as I was able to receive a letter from Italy just 2 weeks ago.
    I'd love to see your feather collection ! :D

    1. Damn, this thing is seriously a curse! :L Postal service upsets me a lot, sometimes. Anyway I'm glad to hear you received lovely mail aniway :) Oh and one day I'll surely post my feather collection :3

  4. I'm so happy you enjoyed my letter! And I'm even more pleased to see that you have a feather journal! Yes, I do believe the feathers came off of a seagul. C:

    It may sound a bit silly, but I collect vintage hats and dresses. My collection isn't too big {my sister doesn't really approve, they're not her taste, haha!}, but I love to wear them to church on Sundays, or for special parties and occasions. I also collect old books...though I have quite a lot of those!

    1. Your letters are always so cute! :3 And it doesn't sound silly, I think it's pretty lovely, actually. I would love some vintage dresses, but there are no (good) vintage shops in my town.

  5. Awww, Emily wrote you on my Ballerina stationery! Yay! :)

    And I don't collect anything... I used to, but I'm trying not to own too much stuff since my mom was a hoarder and I see all the things she has accumulated over the years - makes me feel completely overwhelmed!

    But of course I do own a ton or two of stationery... Not really a collection though, since I actually use it!